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Dr Pixie meets a lady whose rosy nose embarrasses her so much she rarely leaves the house. But sometimes surgery goes wrong. However, the weight loss has left him with huge rolls of excess flesh. The nation’s favourite doctors return to the Costa del Sol to tackle more embarrassing beach body problems, and waiting to see them in the mobile clinic is David, who is worried about a large lump on his testicle. The programme follows the women’s journeys and the lengths they’ve gone to in order to achieve their goal – from stories of love and bullying to butchery abroad and eye-watering surgery. Women of the capital — there is nowhere to hide!

Most men would like to laugh off their illnesses, but the Docs have discovered that going bald can be no laughing matter. This week the Embarrassing Bodies team are taking their services north, to the seaside town of Scarborough. In the first of four special programmes, the three straight-talking doctors — Christian Jessen, Dawn Harper and Pixie McKenna — begin their tour of Britain in the city of Leeds, with a PR offensive that Victoria Beckham would be proud of. A staggering one in five women over the age of 40 will suffer from the condition. When Tamara accuses Jenna of being a relationship saboteur, Jenna confronts her ex-boyfriends with surprising results. Kicking things off this week is Oisin, who is visiting the Embarrassing Bodies Clinic with a skin condition that causes tumours to appear all over his body. And this week’s unsung heroes of medicine are involved in eye donation.

Dr Pixie refers him to a consultant surgeon to find out what the cause is. Dr Pixie sends Maria to a hair specialist to get the scaling and inflammation under control with the help of creams and steamers. Find a TV show or movie. They also try to help a patient with warts on his bottom caused by the human papilloma virus.

In our truck stop Dr Christian sees a case of neuroma, an overgrowth of nerve tissue that is benign, but can be removed surgically if necessary, whilst Dr Pixie sees a patient who is suffering from keloid scars, which are sadly too far developed to be treated effectively. Having followed the dramatic watc of her breasts he returns to see the final ‘cherry on the cake’, with the making of her new nipples. When Richard came to see Dr Christian he had just been diagnosed. Self-induced vomiting has left her with acid erosion on her teeth, shortening and eating away at the enamel.


The team revisits memorable cases, including a man leaking onlime. Thankful that the cause had finally been identified, Maria was still anxious to have her hair removed as quickly as possible whilst waiting for her treatment to take effect. As other treatments have thus far failed, Dr Priya suggests a visit to the surgeon to have both the skin tags and the piles removed.

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Dr Christian believes the boils are caused by a condition in the sweat glands called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Porcelain veneers can be used to extend and protect her remaining teeth, but Harriet decided to wait before proceeding wstch the full treatment.

Among the cases revisited this time are a man with severe anal abscesses, a teenager struggling with a diabetes diagnosis and a lad with an overeating condition. Yvonne visits the clinic to see Dr Pixie about constipation, which is an unwelcome side effect of the chemotherapy awkeard had four years ago to treat breast cancer.

To help women get their breast troubles off their chest, Dr Dawn and Dr Pixie set up a special breast awareness mobile clinic.

Their very different personal stories provide an insight into what it means to change sex. Dr Pixie sees a man who’s struggled with an itchy bottom for 20 years while Dr Christian deals with an enormous pair of breasts Dr Dawn talks periods with three young women who volunteer to measure their own menstrual flow to assess what’s constitutes a normal amount.

The doctors visit the holiday hot spot of Magaluf, where sex goes, booze flows and the sunburn shows.

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The doctors catch up with some of the most memorable problems involving the face. The doctors visit Brighton, where they get to the bottom of a bleeding anus and some pus filled tonsils. First up, is year-old David whose rotting, bleeding, puss-filled armpit has left him unable to lift up his arm without tearing the skin.

The doctors hit the streets of Birmingham to talk to locals about the perils of weak pelvic floor muscles and recommend exercises and remedies to regain control over these important muscle areas.

After years of back pain and misery from carrying around a whopping 5 kilos on her chest, she is desperate to see if Dr Harper can reduce her burden by referring her for breast reduction surgery. However, this was not just a physical problem for Maria, as this embarrassing hair growth has caused her problems at school and had severely knocked her confidence. Thankfully, Ed put aside his embarrassment to see Dr Christian at the clinic with his penis problem.


And Dr Pixie meets a woman who has suffered from sweaty feet for over 20 years.

Aawkward in their London clinic, the Docs have a case of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which affects over a third of British women, including high profile sufferers like Emma Thompson and Victoria Beckham. Everyone suspects that Sadie is pregnant. After three caesarean sections, year-old Lynsey was left with a scar acting like a tight belt between an overhang of tummy and a bulge of fat in her pubic area, which made the most private of moments an embarrassing ordeal.

The show launched in April and was watched by over 12 million people.

After a long day in the dental hot seat, Lyn has a new set of pearly whites. The specialists discover she has a slow metabolism and Yvonne is prescribed a new laxative. On returning to the clinic, Natalie has been prescribed the contraceptive pill and some small skin grafts that drastically improve the appearance of her condition.

Stream the freshest reality shows from the Warch with the hayu Pass. The results of the scan are inconclusive, suggesting that dietary and lifestyle changes are the best course of action.

Having decided to go ahead with the surgery, Anna returns to the clinic to report that her confidence has skyrocketed since the operation, making the extensive surgical risks worthwhile on this occasion.

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After Dr Pixie referred Maria to a specialist, she found out that she had polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that needs to be controlled with medication for life. There’s a young woman with monster bruises that appeared from nowhere and another with unexplained skin patches.

And, in the series’ ongoing celebration of extraordinary people, the programme features a man with narcolepsy to discover what life is like when you can’t help nodding off. The nerves can become damaged and blood loss is a real danger.