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When finished, they sent the tape back home, and the family gathered around to listen and respond individually or as a group. You are not even able to speak Arabic, he told us Finally, they tried to make some words, but they could not understand each other. Members of different groups log on daily to discuss not only the urgent situation of Thmazight and Imazighen, but also the plans for the implementation of Thmazight in education, technology, and science. Hypermedia projects and Thmazight In the s microcomputers became powerful enough to process graphics, sound, and video. This is quite in contrast to some of the other Berber regions of the country. Second, it discusses how modern technology is amplifying cultural safeguards, such as folklore, music, and some print media. The government of Morocco, benefiting from tourism, the fastest growing industry in the country, encouraged the display of the images of an Amazigh without dignity.

This is quite in contrast to some of the other Berber regions of the country. Yassin Errahmouni and Asmahane Elyamani. If I had to summarize the process of Arabization that took place during the last quarter of a century in the life of modern Morocco, I would say: Some of these authoring systems are made for small and personal projects and others are used for the development of major electronic publications. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. Through the works of archeologists, historians, and linguists, Shafiq explores, in a common language, the origins of Imazighen and their past position among the nations. Bedouins, cassettes and technologies of popular culture. Eventually, they all left, except for the Arabs.

Loudspeakers are used to make sure the entire town is celebrating. Visual arts, historical artifacts, and songs are the core of the program, which explores various pervasive symbols and metaphors.

The station will broadcast its programs in Tamazight or Berber language as well as other languages including French and Arabic. Couples who were in love with each other found cassette recorders very useful for the exchange of their secrets. They also demand justice for the national patrimony and the restoration of the Amazigh identity Almasude, Un paysage du village Imassine.


Bedouins, cassettes and technologies of popular culture. The Arabs brought Islam, a universalizing religion, and stayed to become an integral part of North African population and heritage.

The show aims to educate and entertain children and teenagers, via five episodes: Looking at pics on the camera with the berbers in Zagora, Morocco 6. With a long history and an ancient alphabet, Thmazight is becoming one of the most important issues in North Africa, especially in Morocco and Algeria.

Other related publications Abu-Lughod, L. Thus Arabic became the official language of most Islamic countries. Apology, playing videos requires enabling javascript. Prior to the Internet, the Amazigh identity was an internal question, meaning that Imazighen in Morocco for instance did not know about their “brothers” in Algeria, Tunisia, or Mali.

With the new developments in computer communication technology and interactive media, Imazighen established themselves both nationally and internationally as a distinct cultural group and called for the implementation of Thmazight in the school curriculum and mass media. This is quite in contrast to some of the other Berber regions of the country.

Mass Media and Amazigh (Berber) Identity

Etudes sur l’histoire, la migration, la linguistique et la semiologie de la culture. Eventually, they all left, except for the Arabs. Today, most Moroccans claim Islam as their religion.

The place of Arabic in identity maintenance of Moroccans in The Netherlands: A sociolinguistic analysis of multilingualism in Morocco.

Mass communication and culture: The boy concluded, “I don’t think they speak [a amazihg Grabe,p. Views View Edit History.

Revitalizing Indigenous Languages

This is enough to host a large web site with text, graphics, animation, sound, and video files. The States of North Africa used various strategies to keep the Imazighen under control and even denied their existence. As children come into the world their skins discover temperature and shapes, their eyes discover light, and their ears discover rhythm, tone, and melody.


Problems began to appear, and so the saga continues. From merely using the already made software, today with hypermedia applications, individuals with limited knowledge of microcomputers can compose their own material and distribute it on floppy disks, zip disks, CD-ROM, or publish it on the World Wide Web.

For decades government and political leaders have invested tremendously in an effort to Arabize the masses. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Texas at Austin.

Their themes are usually social issues and historical iflm, including national and religious feasts and holidays. Currently, we are working at Francis Marion University on the development of an electronic encyclopedia for the preservation and the implementation of the Thmazight language in the public sphere.

How will I ever manage to civilize you when I have to start from scratch? Return to Table of Contents. Constitutionally, these countries claim to be Arab-Islamic Nations. Image from Radio Tamurt: Only a few days after classes had started he smiled and seemed to have found a solution to our problems.

Radio Zuwarah FM Valleys of the Atlas It is perhaps the best vehicle to becoming acquainted with humans. The popular question in the public arena was that of “we” the Arabs and Moslems against the Jews and swal Christians.

She returned while he stayed.

This situation may have also a psychological impact on the self-perception of Imazighen.