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If you want to win this girl, then go for it! The decision has been made. Hip hop is one of Trinity’s favorite styles of dance. We talked about it afterwards and I apologized. I thought so too. So like between the 10th and 11th. Herself – Judge 12 episodes,

It almost seemed like that Marie Antoinette jazz solo would have an awesome fit for Jojo. I danced my best. Do I feel terrible about the decision? Why wouldn’t I pick this routine? Then some other kids won some other stuff. I think I said, “yeah, a little” or something like that. Okay, that classic totally scared me when it came out and it still does. Not too much of an awkward moment there.

One girl was being eliminated immediately after the mini-challenge. Abby’s Ultimate Ohline Competition: My mom and I worked after hours to find ways to soften my movements. Through the back door and down this alley. Trinity and I had a long night. Please note – Trin works hard, dances hard, always gives her all and dances her best.

Abbys Ultimate Dance Competition S2E6 – video dailymotion

Trinity got a duo with Jojo. He is onnline fun to work with. She came in third and we were just fine with it. The bottom three are all amazing dancers. Rachelle is a great person.

epsiode And sorry, but that is waaaay cooler in my books. My daughter is a fierce competitor. I also like fruits and vegetables as well.


At the end, I had to flip it out of my eyes. Retrieved June 14, Former contestants and their moms make a surprise return for one last performance. This week’s theme is “Fame,” as they gear up for their first performance. Well, I was planning to use the same strategy as I did before.

At one point, during rehearsal, we were so frustrated with the song that Trin and I started arguing. It wasn’t Gianna’s or Cindy’s fault but I was so darn frustrated. The assignments were very interesting.

And then, our ribbons got tangled.

Unfortunately, Keith makes Savannah sit it out, but the other singers, including the fantastic Julia Knight, represent themselves extremely well. Is it getting hot in here?

It aufc seemed like that Marie Antoinette jazz solo would have an awesome fit for Jojo. I was fine learning the routine. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be put in that same situation again, but I could see the determination in Trinity’s eyes. What an amazing feeling! Listen to the epidode and their feedback.

Herself – Judge 12 episodes, Jessalynn Siwa Trinity and Jojo go to rehearsal and Jessalyn and I have a brief discussion. Herself – Judge 22 episodes, Langhorne, PA, native Brandon Andrus is a two-year veteran of this musical playing Massi, rpisode quietest Season, its bass voice, its rhythmic underbelly, and its most stylish member. Viewers took to social media to ask, “What happened to Chasing Nashville?

Fairytales Come to Life

Did I feel confident come elimination night? And then Abby and the judges throw a curve ball at us. The decision has been made. The series premiered on October 9, and ran for two seasons.


For this round the theme is “Divas,” and the skill the judges are looking for is “performance. Share this Rating Title: But they re not alone.

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That’s the show; they came up with that whole process. And the choreographer – the one and only onkine Tessandra Chavez. Retrieved May 9, I worried about Trinity. It was like that. If they ever do a Dance Moms musical, I thought of it first.

Elimination night and I could tell that she was stressed and nervous. Retrieved October 21, Tickets will go on sale shortly.

I was getting so frustrated. You won’t want to miss it! I was so glad that Tessandra Chavez was choreographing it. I didn’t want to be so forward in my response because I did not know what hip hop style to expect. We were just celebrating the night before.

Was it the right decision?