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Tim Duncan is MVP. Lets go for game seven. I support the Nets today because I want to see a 7th game. All 26 of my friends is in our living room rigth now watching and supporting the Nets. Go Tony Go, you were born on the same day as me and in the same hospital in Bruges, Belgium I like spurs,but I still hope nets win this game for watch more 1game. Go Nets julius sasing,solar philippines: Parker, Duncan, Robinson and Kerr

I Love Tim Duncan! Bateer will win the ring of championship. With Tim and David there is no way to go for the Nets! Go Tony, Go Spurs!!! I believe both of us will win!! Dont let “cowface” Duncan and the David Stern all stars win the trohpy again!

Today is my birthday. NETS if you think you can you can! The atmosphere is very festive and divided outcheering ones favorite. Spur will win the game! Hu, we are twins Gorjan and Ognen.

Hi i’m from Armenia. Make history and force a game 7!!


Now we’re using our spare time watching final game 6. We love you David! I think New Jersey Nets will get new jersey next season when they lost Finals back to back. Peace Jose Dequito Philippines: Go K-Mart, go Nets, win this one for Drazen! Whassup people of the planet called earth Salute from Mitrovica It’s am here on the very stormy monday and i enjoy watching NBA finals game 6 in my living room coming live and clear, confident that the Nets will even the game.

I have seen Steve Kerr played since college days, its great to have him in the game at this early minutes.

It’s 4 in the morning here in Cyprus, but I can’t loose this game. Go Nets, go rival!! I’m listening to the NBA Audio right now. Duncan you are best player!! mratinique

My friends and I are in my home and watching this game, good play Nets and I love this game! Thanks America for this Final!! And the Spurs should win the finals.

: Global Fan Forum-Game 6 Transcript

I love Jordan and Magic. I’d like to see Spurs will be win this game!!! Grettings from South Korea!!! Henson for bringing us the live coverage of the NBA Finals. For the sake of basketball, please win NETS! I love nets,go nets! I’m still watching TV to see even if it’s 3: They will win the championship.


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I love Net’s, I wish it can win this game and win the championship. Are you ready for this?

We also have a super-star in NBA, he is Yaoming. Please dont make Jason cry, he just a kidd Nets are coming back believe me and Spurs are need avt prepare for this. I am a girl from china.

We Turkish teens are fanatic fans of this basketball magicians. Ferrari vs Mc laren