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Notify me of new comments via email. They are in the same company!! I loved him and Nao together in the beginning but I stopped shipping them because I knew if I continued my heart would just break. It shows that helping and reaching out are not a one-way-process and give-and-take method is always applicable. I got tremendously mad and I got so frustrated; he ended up breaking the box and Nao Yoshino was so nice and rebuilt thebox for him I really liked those episodes. Takei Emi is simply awesome.

His character is kind of a cute-whatever type. I know it sounds odd but I hate perfect characters that could fix every problem. She is “Yankumi” disguised in student uniform confined in “Ashiya Mizuki’s testosterone-crowded school”. Whether it’s inside or outside the walls of Asuko High, they’re not just mere classmates but family members that always look out and catch each other’s back. On the contrary, several characters make me laugh almost every single time they appear on screen. I can’t imagine this drama without his warm and humorous presence. Newer Post Older Post.

Her character has had problems of always lying before so she was bullied in junior high. Though I like the high marcg boys and the teacher in the story, Yoshino Nao’s grandfather is the man who completely captures my heart. I believe this image may just be a promotional poster or something like that.

Asuko March stands out with its “Gokusen-Hanakimi” inspired fusion. Definitely a fan of Tamaki now.

He made a music box for her which I thought was the cutest thing ever but she dra,a such a jerk and just made fun of his gift. Decent storyline, fluffy and heart-felt moments and endearing characters are the three enough components to entertain me and Asuko March nailed my significant trifecta. Ultimately, it was a good try! Don’t worry, there are no major spoilers in this post.

Purplee’s Wonderwall: Drama Spotlight : Asuko March

Really really late on this. However, through various encounters with her classmates, she learns that they are far from what she assumed, and begins to respect them and their career paths. Email required Address never made public.


Everything if my opinion and I asuki have very weird opinions on things. Every episode of Asuko March darma a delight. Aruto and Nao were tried but the chemistry between Tamaki and Nao was definitely better and they are just so much sweeter together!

I’m not really a fan of the high school genre, but I thought this was was pretty good. You should really finish this one.

I admit that I was not that convinced to give this a shot at first but as I lurked around tumblr, I found a lot of people gushing about the story and the characters that made my attention attach to it.

I really liked this drama but as I said, I only watched it because of Takei Emi so if you don’t super duper like her, its an okay drama. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Although the plot is familiar, I did like it. The drama was just so amazing and I really ended up liking it. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog.

They are in the same company!! Too bad they played siblings there so no rockin love moments: I feel exactly like you!

She never cares about herself and is always thinking about the others.

J-Drama Review of Asuko March!: Blending HanaKimi and Gokusen

I was so damn crushed with Tamaki and her not ending up together, and I mean, I saw it? You are commenting using your WordPress.

There were a few episodes revoew I found ridiculously funny. She entered this school after failing her entrance exam to an all-girl school which she always wished to enter. It is really a great Drama. As her kindness and willingness to help others touches each of her peers in turn, Yoshino discovers a place where she not only fits in, but where she truly wants to be.

Previous Post Initial Impressions: What happened to dramaa others? I wanted her to go with ANY of the guys other than Aruto….

One of the elements of this drama that gives off a strong impression to me is the consistency of the setting.


Only because Tori’s character rarely appeared in the first few episodes. This is a “feel-good” series that will brighten up your mood. It’s hard to oppress her character because she knows when to strike back and stand for her beliefs. But I do recommend this drama to anybody who really wants asuo see something about friendship, love, and one girl in an all-boys school.

After she hurts her hand, head-band guy, blondie, Tamaki, Takeuchi, Hirose, and crush-guy suddenly appear reviea the heroes that they are, and start helping her.

His character is kind of a cute-whatever type. Newer Post Older Post Home. Join other subscribers Enter Email Address Here. They have different personalities and most of them are just hiding behind a tough mask. The reason I really liked him was that he looks like marcu super strong guy but he was so gentle and he really liked Momo Aizawa played by Ayame Gouriki who was the second girl in school. Though romance is not really the focal point of the show, it still delivers a light and cute love triangle that torns Nao between the drmaa Tamaki and mysterious Aruto.

On the outside, the cover of the drama looks delicate, shallow and outdated but the inside toppings will melt your heart with its poignant, fluffy and calm touch.

I would prefer that Nao ends up with Tamaki because they have much more chemistry in Asuko March!! Whether it’s inside or outside the walls of Asuko High, they’re not just mere classmates but family members that always look out and catch each other’s back.