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Also, he’s Hayate, so it’s impossible for him not to be better than the prince. The prince is a fun character and I hope to see him and his antics again: If they were to come out with an anime series or movie of Final Fantasy 13, I’d probably get more interested, but that is as far as my anime experience goes: BBCode Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. I any news on what the Steins Gate Special will be? Compared to a lot of characters who are unsure or dense that’s at least an easier person to deal with.

Originally posted by Fencedude View Post. BBCode I am a sucker for romance!!!! I hope you are up for what she probably sees as “improving relations”. P And no, I will not watch Naruto. Episode 7 Naoya trying to get Lotte to come back really seemed to drag out a bit too long, but there were some cute scenes there. Though everyone has their own opinions.

In regards to the costumes, from what Asuha had tried on of the Chinese dress, cat dress and rather revealing suit in the spoiler. Yet, on the other hand, from what I’ve heard, it’s actually relatively innocuous, with nothing explicit occurring at any point in the work. Last Jump to page: It will become much better after a few episodes. That was my first harem anime and holds a special place in my heart.

I’ll go ahead and list the elements I found problematic with what I’ve seen so far: At epislde, we know that her mother does care. I’ll holler to get the official word.

Is it ok for a “beginner” to ask for recommendations in this here thread? Im just assuming that the reason she isnt terrified of men anymore is because shes been around Naoya so much. The way the episode ended with everyone surprised and in shock was fun. Shimaspawn stated in one of the other threads that the anime is dizcussion tamer than the manga.

If not, I don’t see why it can’t wait until the Cat comes back.

He seems like a good guy 88 me. BTW, really, really nice art intermission of Ingrid with some fan service pose it turned out in the spoiler most likely Ingrid is the loli of lolis in this series considering her height and appearance.


So really hard choices IMO to take from.

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Kind of weird with him having slept with her mother and now thinking like that. Tgoodrich1 has indicated that he would be willing to review this series as well, so if he wants info on anything anime-related I will leave it to him to ask for it. The prince is a fun character, I don’t get why everyone hates him.

Watchin’ Korean Historical Drama Random ramblings of reality May 7th at Naoya is the most useless character I’ve ever seen. Last edited by Discuswion at Had mixed feelings with the whole Naoya feeling bothered. While I think a certain degree of occurrence of panties can be innocent, it cropped up so often that it shifted the tone into something more sexual. That ruined the episode for me.

Lotte no Omocha (feedback requested)

P And no, I will not watch Naruto. Also, he’s Hayate, so it’s impossible for him not to be better than the prince. You need to login to do this. If that’s true, I would potentially be open to voting to make the page anime only. I’d like to take the time to review a few episodes before making that decision. Thats probably because you saw the dubbed version. The lol-sage Inri with bunny ears has appeared.

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It’s also good we’re given valid reasons for Mercede’s actions in regards to leaving Asuha with him and they didn’t play the “We’ll keep it vague for a dozen episodes” game that some series would pull. To be honest it is not that bad and has some interesting story elements. Lotte gets to be the classic victim of having a parent who has to worry about her duties.

Yes, this is something of an ecchi series, so it does have its fair share of fanservice; howevernot only do those moments not show anything explicit, none of them involve any kids. Youshould def make me a shuffle sig with all the girls whenever you have time. I was rooting for the prince, because I feel awkward about lovey-dovey stuff between Lotte x Naoya as well.


P the cosplaying part was full of MOE!! As is, though, my vote will be for this work page to remain cut. Guess it’d make sense why he’s still single since that’d be a crime in his home world: Originally posted by Fencedude View Post. So, yeah, despite the Audience-Alienating Premiseit ain’t a porno nor a pro-pedophilic work, and that’s good enough for me. As these are 8-year-olds or so; don’t remember the precise ages we’re talking about, I think the manga falls just into TV Tropes ‘ definition of pedopandering.

I want to make it clear that I do think this series is right on the borderline, and I can easily see how the average fan could enjoy the show without prurient interest. Login or Sign Up. Episode 8 Sigurd was rather annoying in the first half, though he wasn’t so bad towards the end, and Lotte was pretty cute in that scene.

Naoya also realized there might be love from him towards Astarotte with the whole mention of his chest ache, which is a sign usually in anime. In fact, aforementioned fanservice bits aside, it’s actually one of the more innocent works that I’ve read. It was pointed out to me in the Page Restoration Petitions thread that based on the eppisode I originally received, I did not give the manga for Lotte No Omocha a proper review.

My bo thought on this series is to cut, based on the premise of a fanservice heavy series focusing on a ten year old. But the last scene with Lotte was nice: Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.