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Then again, they could be asdf’s version of Kenny. Here comes the airplane! I have a wife and family! Mark also cameos in 9. In asdfmovie9, a man getting ready to do a pole vault gets randomly impaled by a jousting knight right before he lifts off the ground. The full version of the theme from the preview and from the fourth movie’s credits.

Quickly turns elderly First Person: A guy is asked to hold a live bomb. It was released on 21 October Jacksfilms appears in 10 , and so does his girlfriend. Which gets cheese thrown at it. Two characters try to hold an intervention for Larry who keeps snapping people’s necks without realizing it. The driving llama from asdfmovie 2 had been falling for years before showing up in 5.

Late bing and spamcat 2 appears in the Ritalin’d movie. The Cow-Pretending-to-Be-a-Man wears a baseball cap backwards and carries a skateboard.

Yaaaa— cut to him left outside the rocket —aaaaay! The mocie and its instrumental version are available on Amazon. TomSka June 27, Bonus points for the dog fronw a Bad Liar. Wanna see an impression of my dad? Jimmy, from the beginning of 9uses a pistol with one to take out the dog. Kylie Minogueof all people, guest stars in a skit in 8. Cute as a buttonbut will blow you up if you step on him. The mugger lampshades it despite throwing his hands in the air and shaking with fear ” DAAH!


Oh no, here comes one now! I used to be a cow!

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Takes medication and they shift back into 2D This is better. He immediately begins spewing cats from his mouth.

The full version of the song from the sixth movie’s credits, by Lil Deuce Deuce. Also, kind of a music video about asdfmovie in general. The first music video. There usually isn’t novie time.

Youtube Comment Edition April 15, A remix of the song by the same group, this time using various comments from the original video. His ” disguise ” consists of a hat and a skateboard. The girl drawing a bear A tuat of the fourth movie and of other videos by TomSka.

He denies having such a problem then snaps their necks too. You two should kiss!

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A re-animated version of the first movie. Warning, pointless” Deliberately Monochrome: A trailer for the fifth movie. Mark also cameos in 9.

Hoist by His Own Petard: The Cow Pretending to be a Man in 8. The short skits mean that knowing what’s in them will spoil the what can loosely be called gags very easily, so we recommend you watch the movies before reading the trope list. And this frpwn just the tip of the iceberg. Asdd Animations and The Odd1s Out appear in Deleted Scenes from the second movie.

A Stylistic Suck -filled alternate third movie. Hey, kids, who’s ready to draw? In the seventh movie, when some people are trying to stop somebody from jumping off the building, the flop guy from the sixth movie comes in and does his dance. In 7the Sun smiles when Saturn calls it fat. A German dub of the fourth movie. The cow from asdfmovie8 returns in the final skit of asdfmovie10; after upsiide sheep saying “beep beep, I’m a sheep” turns into a catchy song, the cow appears and tries doing the same thing by saying “meow meow, I’m a cow” only omvie one of the sheep to cut him off.


Seen in this sketch from 8: You need to login to do this. Tom’s Dog asdfmovie5 theme May 12, This competiton garnered over a thousand entries most of themnaturally, obvious puns or Non Sequiturs without wit. A guy is asked to hold a live bomb. Beep Beep I’m a Sheep: Death of a Child: A guy in 8 is afraid of backstories.


Also on DeviantArt and on Newgrounds. If you can keep up, or are similarly insane, you can see almost all of them in this single compilation if you haven’t already.