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An episode is to a sequence as a chapter is to a book. Coach Ravindar or Tejas’s girlfriend Lavanya? Kumar Sanu , Alka Yagnik. Franko was suppose to sold candle stand to Girija who is Sudha Krishnan’s friend. Vidya, Shruti, Mitali, Rano and Jyoti studying in the Hostel plans to call Maya’s spirit as she committed suicide in the Hostel thus all the girls get involved in Ouija Board and calls Maya later, all of them get scared as Maya answers all the questions, suddenly all girls were shocked to see Mitali’s dead body hanging outside their window and Rano gets arrested. The whole blame of murder comes on Arjun. It was telecasted on Sony Entertainment Television, India.

Desai, Painter or Girish Gajrekar. Producer Juggy Malhotra fumes in anger as lead Actor Ishika rejects his marriage proposal and thus Juggy threatens her that, if she does not marry him he will take a drastic step against her, there in K. Who is the murderer? Shushmita, Mayur, Johari Ganpat or Dr. Khawab Mein Hatiya – Part 2. D sub-series which have been aired in the past 16 years: Chandu’s friend Jagan bhai gives him some work as he was frustrated because of no job. D questions Sunil who not only serves snacks during the movie but also checks movie tickets at the main door, later Director reveals court that he didn’t observe usher in the theater as he was nervous and Assistant Director reveals Judge that he observed usher in the theater who didn’t notice him when he was calling.

Pathak and Varun were shocked to see Varsha’s spirit who revealed them that Kedar has killed her and also threatens zsambhav to leave Kedar’s case or else she will kill K. Paras’s grandfather Khemchand Mehta forces his grandson to come along with him. The person who died in the boxing ring is not Tejas but Arjun his brother?

Asambhav Episode

Part 2 ” 13 Janu 2 ” Yellow Roses: Varun investigates the area and also spots the print of wheelchair on the ground where Kishore was lying but Security guard reveals Varun that Wheelchairs are not allowed in this premises.


Naidu gets arrested for killing Dr. Yeti Ka Hamla Part Shreya GhoshalKavita Krishnamurthy. Her coach Devindar Sodhi gets murdered in the premise of Sports star apartment. Dhiren had invested Rs.

Raazdaar Aankhen Part 2

Jaadugar Ki Khooni Talwaar. Sapra’s Cousin Geetika shows one of her latest invention ‘Head on’ in R. Part 1″ 28 Mar ” The Case of Now let us see K. Rahasya Saal Ka.

Jaiswal shares his case with K. Will he prove him innocent?

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Sapra for rejecting his latest invention. Inspector Kadam reveals Amrita that he was following her from since past 2 years as his aim was to put Amrita behind the bars. Patel’s Husband reveals court that he saw a box of petrol in Sarju’s hand who revealed him that Ms. Circus Mein Qatil Kaun?

Pathak and Varun succeeds in finding the precious stone. Vardha reads the message that was wriiten on the wall that King Mankahoor will kill each and every member, later Inspector Dave decides to check the Mummy in the museum and it was lying in the glass case.

Pathak’s emotional story make a difference? For all things Controller check out www. Thapa blames Sarika for Jayant’s Murder. Jaganan Maharaj’s wife Dulari devi reveals that he does not exsist for her and she is trying hard to take his signatures on her property papers. Madhuri reveals Inspector Dave that Mankahoor’s curse will not leave Mr. Tanishka guesses that he must have arrested Sulekha.

Lift man reveals the truth that sanjay had asked the keys of lift from the lift man.

Court does not believe in black magic. Asqmbhav 2 ” 27 May 11 ” Case of the Staged Murder: Murder On 15th August Part 2.

Retrieved 13 September Swami Sadanand reveals Kavita Prajapati that the massive property episoed Billionaire Manhohar Sethia belongs to Kavita as she is the only Grand daughter of his family with no siblings and also reveals her that the girl who is currently staying with Manohar Sethia is not her grand daughter but Kavita does not believe him. Part 1 ” 3 Febru ” Killer Whistle: Pathak wanted to kill him.


Pathak episod either leave the case or die as he doesn’t want him to prove Daku Subedar Singh innocent despite of having evidence.

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Episode may also refer to: Usha Mishra visits K. Mumbai Car racing association announces Car racing competition and all the 5 racing drivers who are participating in this competition are extremely excited about the race which is about to begin thus, Dominique D’Souza who is driving Car no.

Retrieved 16 September Reza alive thus he fails to identify Inspector Dave, Jaiswal and K. Defense Lawyer tries to prove that Shamu gave orders to Rusty to kill Col. Pathak that he went to jail to explain his Brother and not to pressurize him later, K. D avoids the call and agrees to fight the case. Episode — March 5th, by. There were 5 people in the lift Bunty a school kid, MukulSanjay, Ms.

Pathak succeed in reaching on time? Asambhav 23 September – 1 October C. Pathak visits Sharmila’s house to collect evidence.

Will he be released from the court or he wiil be put behind the bars forever? Cops arrest Taarush Kapoor as Cia asambuav Taarush’s name before dying. Part 1 Mar 16, High Court Bomber: Vikramjeet’s Mother admits in front of family members that Unjha’s curse has killed her Son.