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Speaking of heartless ha! We see that very archer, who we later discover is Komodo, killing a drug dealer in a warehouse, because warehouses are where things happen in Starling City. The other big relationship story of the episode involves Thea. What’s not a great Laurel moment is at the end, when she’s threatening Komodo with a gun. You already set this up at the end of last season, y’all. He even says, “It gets better.

Smoak goes and confronts him about his creepo actions, and what she gets in return is some spiel about how he’s not really mad at him, but must be mad about something else. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. In a sad start to a rather somber episode, Laurel shares memories of Sara with Oliver, saying that she wants to catch who did it before breaking the news to Quentin. You took the bullets out of the gun! Her absence was felt more tonight than it was in the premiere, mostly because Oliver calls her several times, seeking the comfort of hearing her voice, but receives no response. How did no one see her? We see that very archer, who we later discover is Komodo, killing a drug dealer in a warehouse, because warehouses are where things happen in Starling City. The winner of the sparring match takes off her mask to reveal it’s Thea, who looks proud while Malcolm Merlyn claps.

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This episode, the golden-tinged flashback segments honestly, all the light in Hong Kong is gold-hued involved Waller wanting Ollie to kill Tommy Merlyn, who is in Hong Kong looking for Ollie. Why on earth did she think this was the best way to handle this situation? What exactly is he planning to do there by himself to find him? Based on some very basic information “he wears a black mask”Dig is able to immediately find out the guy is Komodo, a. Felicity chastises Oliver for his callous nature, but Ollie says that he has to stay strong and lead so that others can grieve.

I actually didn’t notice it last week, but it looked like her wig was bleeding profusely.

How did no one see her? Check your double standards, bro. He apologizes and Ollie seems to be holding it together at least until next week. The old Arrow is back, everybody!


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Turns out Ray, whose charm makes it so hard to hate him, bought the company that owns the electronics store chain for which Felicity works.

They toss in handfuls of dirt to say goodbye. This raises a lot of questions, like: There’s a hospital scene. To distract himself from his grief, Fpisode gets right to work and goes to check out the roof where Sara died.

He asks Diggle to use A. I mean, yes, it’s clear she wants to protect his feelings, but this isn’t something you can really keep from someone. Roy, who still is barely getting any lines for some reason, says Thea is lying about where she is, tubepplus he proves arow by showing Ollie her goodbye letter from last season.

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Recap of “Arrow” Season 3 Episode 2 | Recap Guide

Before any of that comes to light, Arrow has a motorcycle fight fpisode Komodo instead of picking up the motorcycles and using them like swords, like I would have hoped, they just do a sort of archery joust and Laurel threatens a guy Komodo tried to kill in a hospital. Um, when did Roy learn hacking skills? At a dead end, they try to get some info out of A.

Death is a natural part of any superhero story. Laurel even rpisode mad about it, openly decrying how no one will know who the real Sara was. Ollie vows to go find her after Team Arrow discovers that Komodo didn’t kill Sara, because I suppose he needs to change things up. The other big relationship story of the episode involves Thea.

After a few moments of weird staring at Sara’s dead body, Team Arrow decides they have to set out to find her killer. Like I said, it’s creepy as all.

Then Laurel turns to Arrow and says, “You took the bullets out epiode the gun! He quickly recreates her death in his mind and figures out where the archer was standing.

Cut to DC-favorite fictional local: Why would Tommy wait three years to go do this?


‘Arrow’ Season 3 Recap, Episode 2: ‘Sara’

The only way around the hit is for Waller to hire another hitman to kill Tommy. Finally Komodo and Arrow get a chance to talk, archer to archer. She puts his broken arm in an armbar!

An unseen hands jabs Tommy with a syringe and knocks him out. Arrow and Roy take him on in full view of the public some of the sound work is a little distracting, but the stuntwork is excellent as always as the hooded archers dive out ssra one story and back into another, floors below. Ray Palmer makes a triumphant return this week, though srrow first scene we see him in presents him as extraordinarily creepy.

Too bad Felicity wants more out of life than hiding.

Good thing, too, because there are rich people to save! I don’t see how not telling anyone about her dying sseason possibly fix that. Until next tubepplus, readers, I’ll leave you with this classic sign-off: Oliver hops on his motorcycle and speeds off to find Komodo, who is about to kill another target.

He has also conveniently bought the Best Buy-like electronics chain she works for in order to force her to come work for him. I’ll just give it away now so you don’t get too excited: Turns out he’s been sending Smoak emails, texts and flowers ugh hoping to entice her to come work for him at Queen Consolidated.

Ollie conveniently gets a call from Captain Lance who doesn’t know Sara’s dead; more on that later about a new archer in town who seems to be killing people. He refuses to shoot, obviously. Sara was a third of that family, and her mom’s never around. Here’s the kicker, though: And who might that someone be? Emily Bett Rickards. Arrow goes there after the fact to investigate, leading to a hilarious scene in which another dealer tries to climb a pipe?