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So from the Jade Emperor’s position, it’s probably only been a few weeks that this has been happening: Eun-oh runs into Dol-swe panicking along with everyone else and asks what happened. Download the latest version here. And inside we see a view of the mass grave. I was concerned about the pairing. But she spots something near the tree where he fell…. She must know more than she lets on.

And what has Mu-young’s relationship with Eun-oh’s mom, if there is one? Just tell me what you saw. Farpavilions September 6, at 1: Eun-oh watches as a townsperson pleads a grievance before Choi, who has him beaten for his trouble. She gets married to Tae-sang Song Seung-heon , It looked more proper for them.

It was a high level task where there is danger. Kiara August 16, at 1: I haven’t had this much fun since What is the Jade Emperor doing? Stardust August 23, at 5: I was pleading, please do not be the mom in disguise She eats their souls, and discards their bodies Yoo Seung-ho debuted in with an Eplsode drama.

Man his Mom is so creepy and strange! Thr story just keeps surprising me and I love not knowing where it will go next. You’re right about that.

Arang and the Magistrate

Then Eun-oh voiced it! So, so very wrong. I love to read, love it. And can she do that? Redge August 31, at 3: And, most importantly, the question the die-hard romcom lover is wondering: Lee-bang carefully unlocks the room…. Where is Eun Oh when you need him? Startled, she asks jagistrate he can actually touch her too, not just see her.


The three dramas on show at the moment are about to come to an end at similar times and April is coming along. But it looked like she was soulless when Eun Ho was, like, 10, which is way before she disappeared when he was an adult. I knew that man would be crazy.

I have a question though. I’m like a cave woman. As for the two spisode their chemistry is also amazing! In the haste of the moment they forget to put the soul sealing talisman thingy. And might have even killed Thhe Anticipation level has been raised on this romance comedy starring the great looking pair, Finally Bang-wool snaps out of her trembling fear and pushes one seal over the other… creating a giant vortex into who knows where.

Kim Kwang Gyu Supporting Cast. There is something about it. I feel that about Eun Oh too.

This show is so interesting. She must be alive then! Episode 5 by TeriYaki. He yells at her to run, but she refuses to go alone. EvaLee August 30, at 8: He gets so worked up in his outrage that Bang-wool has to slam a pot lid into his head to get free of his grasp. She asks how he found her and he says he just happened by.

Okay, I admit I wasn’t paying that much attention to the guy in the scene. I have a hard time with this actor trying to act all grandpa harrumphing serious. What we’re watching by DB Staff. When suddenly a kick sends him flying. Arang’s soul get out of her body before Evil soul-eating-mom can take it and in a bitchy fit after not being able to eat the soul she order JW to through the body away I was extremely nervous that Mu Young would be sucked into the vortex never to be heard from again.


But then Dol-swe bursts in with a bloody Eun-oh on his back, and the Bangs gaaaaasp. Arang quietly slips away, hanging her head.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 1 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

This ep Eun oh and Arang spent more time away from each other Who’s the clone and who’s the original? Eun-oh drags Arang along, needing her to eoisode to the serial killer mountain, showing her the hairpin he found there. Can’t wait to watch it subbed!!!! He seems so sad.

He offers to rest up his own, in preparation for the switch. But as luck would have it or a devious ghostBang-wool comes to see them to say that she had a vision of someone epissode could be the new magistrate.

I was not expecting him to be skilled at fighting. Stranger still is the fact that her stab wound appears totally healed.