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I am going to wait until this is over though because, I would hate to find that she too is playing the same person over and over. Cut to Arang running through the woods, clutching her chest and gasping for dear life. You have the use of two good arms, legs and a brain so you can get a job doing something to survive. I dont think so, her voice was different from her. Is she un-killable in that body? I’ve never been so hooked onto a drama before. But neither Nobleman Choi nor the haughty and cold Joo Wol appear to want to dispense any justice and send the villagers scurrying away with rude dismissals. Pure green coffee bean extract Au.

It looks like the writer may deliver on an exceptional ending. They look lovely on Shin Min Ah. So how can Eun Oh just sit and watch Arang bleed to death from a stab wound without trying to help her? And there must be a connection between all these players here. Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

Scene when she is stabbed: This is the lighter side to balance with the dark Gaksital. The magistrate’s flashbacks are the exact same as his role in Ilijimae which I really enjoyed, and which is why I started liking Lee Jin Ki. It has been a while since I dramacfazy a drama that made me smile and laugh like a stupid idiot.


However I did not expect her to scare me so much. It might not be the tge role, and it is a different story. I am now interested as to what is Arang now also.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 Recap

Me too, me too! Of course he is wrong aragn murder people, but I feel sadness for what has driven him to it. There is something so frightening about the close-up on her eyes, open and awake, her killer looming in her pupils.

Episodes by LollyPip. Thanks for this recap. Yeah, I thought there might be a connection with the ‘incident from years past’ with Mom. Maybe thats why JW’s ring is lightning.

Flashback to minutes ago, when she woke up screaming in pain.

Korean Show: Arang And The Magistrate (Episode 6)

zrang How great is Shin Mina? Ah, the love I have for this show! Arang explains that all those magistrate deaths were accidents, she swears! Instead, she refers to herself as a third person.

No ifs, buts, or any reservations — this drama rocks my world and spins it on its own axis. Shin Min Ah Main Cast. Thank you for the recap GF! Ha I was tensed reading too!

So many shows to watch and so little time. Now I need fluffy Hands down one of the best offerings of the recent kdramas this second half. But neither Nobleman Choi nor the haughty and cold Joo Wol appear to want to dispense any justice and send the villagers scurrying away with rude dismissals. Man, I love a show that keeps me guessing.


Lee jun ki is v cute. Blau August 30, at 4: Lee Junki’s character is the boy of the nobleman who got killed. Thanks for the recap. Not excusing, not clearly seeing that he’s doing something horrifying and wrong, but seeing that he’s a victim, too. I wonder if she was the problem that Hades had mention years ago about the lost souls and that the Jade Emperor was suppose to fix but never did.

But the kicker is, what the hell did Arang return as? For those of you who would like softsubs by DramaFever, here they are! Love the young shaman and DS. Was it the ring?