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OR ” the black knight is white-knitting your girl! Oh the beginnings of the love triangle. He falls to his knees to beg for forgiveness, and says he killed her, he swears. She looks around frantically, and then spots a crevice in the rocks behind her. Hahahaha I can’t decide which girlfriday comment is better: And then he disappears like mist, leaving her shouting after him with all her questions. Eun-oh discovers the black talismans that once sealed the mass grave, and starts to lay them out. I have a bad feeling about this

I super love it. I’m loving this drama. He calls it a result of the rift in the seal Did the break literally cause the demon into existence or just free him? I think when her heart went pit-a-pat, she may have not seen his face. But I think a better question would be, what IS mom? I think Joo-wal has been earmarked to be Mom’s future husband.

He blames Jade Emperor for breaking the rules in the first place: Are you here to save her? Page 1 Page 2 Next page. A corpse shows up after it’s been left rotting sinopsix 3 years and it’s No — monster mom couldn’t have eaten Arang’s soul since Arang has been a wandering ghost from the day she died, three years before.


Yep, this is exactly what I predict Joo-wal’s character trajectory will be. Because it seems like the hellmouth just opened.

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In Mandarin Chinese, we sometimes use the term for “wife” in magistratf more respectful sense to someone who is not our wife, like Retrieved August 8, Yeah, I saw it too. Then Eun-oh voiced it! But then you’d think Joo Wol would recognize her. Hm, I wonder what it is.

He checked to make sure she was dead. I am not looking forward to the love triangle at all. I think they need to rename Miryang Sunnydale. And why hasn’t it been addressed in the show?

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The editing guys didnt have their glasses on. She gapes—what was he? Legend of Arang – Part I love how Arang’s broken arm moved back to it’s original place. And whether this is a part of his master scheme or just a nice bit of symbolic I think right now I’m more interested in EO’s possible family three than what the heck Arang became I need to say it: Can’t believe that slipped through.

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Your recaps bring so much life to the show and the greatest enjoyment to us viewers! I knew all that beautiful cinematography was too good to be true! Arang and the Magistrate Favorite. Episode 19 p Hardsubs Indo: Man, didn’t expect a crazy demon!


Still sharp as a knife whilst on the verge of death. I believe Arang’s doki-doki’s heart when she saw JW for the first time is not a labu labu love-love one. Arang and Joowal, I feel like I have a handle on what there story is, even though I know there’s probably plenty still to be revealed.

That is so unlike her. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode Throw in some swooning for Joo Wal also. And I love this show so much, it hasn’t disappointed me a single bit yet. Archived from the original on January 27,