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Sky is the best– he’s such a sweetheart! I don’t understand the objective of the egg test. I was very touched when Sky confessed and apologized. Anonymous December 31, at 7: It’s just a question. Are you still continue your subbing, or it’s finally over? When will the 5th subbed episode be on?

He leads a conversation well while being funny too. Anonymous January 9, at 5: I want to watch more! Anonymous March 9, at 2: Normal Girl December 9, at 9: I think it’s a great show [a lil bit not good to expose kids to tv though] because those celebrities show the reality of life in Korea: Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. How long does it take to do one episode subbed:

Rating Appa Oediga Season 1 Ep.

Anonymous January 5, at 5: SakiVI November 27, at 5: I aopa fall for “Where Are We Going? If the relation goes better, subbers stay motivated, and viewers don’t get as frustrated. I agree that there’s lots of impatient, disrespectful people out there who demand things immediately, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask subbers for updates.


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Dad! Where Are We Going? Episode 23

Already have an account? Can people not pressurize the subbers? Sign up for a new account in our community. Pd-nim Appa Oediga Season 1: Awards For Appa Oediga Season 1: Happy Life Episode 25 2 years ago. She’s a very sweet girl:.

I hope after watching this, his papa explains to him that it was not his fault. Anonymous December 25, at 8: There is no reason for you to be rude.

zub Project Papa November 24, at 3: Anonymous May 9, at 6: Where Are We Going? Thanks for creating this thread. I want to watch more!

Anonymous December 13, at 8: Anonymous November 23, at 4: Music Core Episode 5 hrs ago. Anonymous December 2, at Where Are We Going?

su There ARE other videos, but I don’t think anyone has gotten as far as projectpapaonline. Thank you so much. I wondered, how is it the common method for raising kids in korean? If they have time they will sub. Did I just saw Sean Zhang is shirtless in the preview?!



Anonymous February 21, at Myr November 21, englisb 6: How long does it take to do one episode subbed: Anonymous March 9, at 2: Angela was hilarious and Sky and Cindy’s sensitivity was really touching. Anonymous November 23, at 9: I really appreciate your work.

episoe Also to learn more about their kids and their mannerisms. Newer Post Older Post Home. Anonymous November 20, at Anonymous May 8, at Posted January 28, Posted January 29,