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She feels that she has found the nightingale that they seek for their band. The visuals caught by Mohommad Ehteshamuddin create a very vivid picture of village life- both the natural beauty of their simple surroundings as well as the difficulties associated with their everyday struggles. So I will no doubt be back next week with the woes of our Cinderella as she continues shedding tears at her naseeb! Thus my hopes are not up for the doctor and Mehrbano as the mother-in-law looks poised to shower Mehrbano with some pertinent comments on her choice of man. We enjoy the drama most of all because of him and he is a joy to watch. Faryal Mehmood continues to be a force to reckon with and does her best in every scene. Sheeda continued to struggle post Majja and Sajjo did what she could to help her out, both financially and emotionally.

Mehrbano suffers a nervous breakdown and has a mini fit at the sight of Fariha. Or is it a form of her revenge from Salahuddin — to give up totally and completely , in acceptance of the fate that he chose for her? The so-called- audition of a sullen Mira appeared successful but Arsh was adamant that she would not be the right fit for their band. As Hassan tries to put Mehrbano in the past and move on, the fact that Fariha is haunted by her actions will stand in the way of their marital bliss. Faryal Mehmood looks good on many occasions though the screaming can get a bit deafening at times. Judging by the first five episodes and some of the promos I have seen since, we are certainly promised some electric moments between the two leads.

The writing by Faiza Iftikhar is gripping but the director has equally done justice to the great script.

I still remain partial to Umer who ultimately was the only one who loved Mehrbano and despite his simplicityremained her protector till his last breath. This man is not black mailed by the ties of blood or society as every step taken is planned with a view to achieve his own selfish end.

At the same time, it hits another nail on the apkus by exposing the deep-rooted disregard in our society for singing as a profession. Pemra needs to wake up to reality if they have objections to Udaari.


Faryal Mehmood looks good on many occasions though the screaming can get a bit deafening at times. A great casting dramma and performance.

However schemers are not far behind in this drama, as his mother-in-law is working overtime in that department. The final scene where Imtiaz calls her a shehzadi with his eyes fixated on her, gives you goosebumps. As Anmol was left stumped for words, Mohid clean bowled the audience for a six, by proving to be no less of a Shahrukh Khan of the small screen.

Join 1, other followers Follow. So the final ending felt like this: Sajida chose to believe her husband rather than her friend and what followed was an epic scene where Bushra Ansari manages to move you to tears. Looking forward to next week! Everytime Imran Ashraf is on screen, it lights up with his quirky comments.

What freedom the actors have to refuse to do a scene or request a change in the storyline thereafter, is debatable.

Then she let it slip how her own family had distanced themselves from her. I will keep this post running whenever I am watching more than one drama and through these posts, will run you through the weekly television highs and lows.

He fits in neither of the two brackets and has qualities from both. Furqan Khan has had a hand in directing some good dramasRoag in particular is a Huge favorite for me and on an off I have watched his dramas.

Thus he lost his super title this week as I bestowed it on a more worthy recipient. Episode 17 shows Mehrbano pleading her innocence with Hassan and he in-turn tries to find his way out of the confusing and hurtful turn of events. Here is where this run of the milldrama suddenly takes wings and soars. We definitely need a happy ending for this one! Why does Manu decide to have a second child with such a man.

Bheegi Palkein episodes 1-13

The scene where he starts to play hide and seek with Zebo was chilling and brilliantly acted by both parties. In the meantime, Hassan was forced to realize the intensity of his feelings and bheego overcome with a sense of great loss. Anmol jaa jeelay apni Zindagi…. The biggest dilemma in this drama is that despite its weaknesses, almost every male hero is interesting.


Not my cup of tea, sorry!

This episode was rather painful viewing. In case anyone was in any doubt as to the absolute goodness of Mehr Bano the script writers keeps reminding us at two minute intervals because her pallein and goodness is essential to her later mazloominess. Ratings are just a number after all- it is the quality of the production which ensures that it stands out. Mohid takes this indifference as a challenge as he chooses the sofa as his bed for the foreseeable future.

The doctor has his own issues as his mother-in-law is desperate palkeln to ensure that her comatosed daughter wakes up to find a husband by her apluss. Blog Statshits. Her husband however has the foresight to realize that while they may have lost a daughter, they cannot afford to lose someone who has become a son over the years.

However, in many ways the last few episodes have taken the pleasure out due to some unsavory events in the story-line.

Meera has the innocent hope of youth, believing that their love will overcome this pxlkein hurdle in its path.

Bheegi Palkein Episode 7 P2 A PLUS DRAMA 25 DEC – video dailymotion

This statement was the last straw as Anmol was turned out and told by her palkdin not to return. If you see similar posts anywhere else after this, just remember folks- you read it here first! The best scene this week was between Sabah Hameed and Uzma Hassan as they played tug of war with words with Mohid palkien as the referee.

It can pinch where it hurts. He has made a well edited fast paced story which catches your interest despite the cliches. Whichever drama forces you to pause your life and watch it, becomes a part of your zplus drama! A light hearted episode with many great moments as Anmol found herself cornered from all sides and her final attempt to halt the journey failed when even her sister-in-law refused to take a stand as it would ruin their travel plans.