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She assumes Kiva must be in there, as shes in the castle she fights guards and monsters along the way. Garroth and Zenix go into the woods to seek out the masked man, but Zenix suddenly shoots Garroth in the same spot Brenden was shot. He gives Aphmau one potion as a thank you gift. Aphmau brings Garroth to the farm house where he can rest and be watched over by Kiki, Brendens sister. Aphmau and Kiki make their way to the wolf village to help aid in Boldolfs recovery. All is calm in Phoenix Drop as Aphmau begins planning for a wedding. The werewolf is more than happy to help, but brings Aphmau to the tribes village for safety to explain everything.

Determined Aphmau asks around the village to see if she can get a lead on the lords whereabouts, stumbling upon a kid named John. To repay Jeffory, Aphmau lies to Katelyn about ever meeting him, only once at a tavern when she first arrived in Pikoro village. Laurence is eventually saved from the nether by his wyvern Urngerth, by transcending the relam barrier, but the cost was his life. Now making Zane the new enemy target. The next morning the lord of Scaleswind is at the front gates with his army. Aphmau is well on her way to becoming the crazy cat lady. Porn with plot basically Web Shows – Rated:

In order to get rid of the darkness, Aphmau creates a shrine for lady Irene. Zane suggests that he will go find Nicole if Aphmau gives Zane a special amulet she has been holding. In the morning she discovers that one of the cats has grown huge.

The marriage is an arranged one, hoping that they can make a peace alliance between Scaleswind and O’Khasis. It turns out Kiki is a very well known friend of the werewolf tribe, and had respect amongst them. Out of the blue, Donna, appears in the village.

He explains the lord of Bright port came to the village to seek peace with them, diaires interrupted a summoning ritual of the nether portal.

He’s our special warrior. However, when she arrives there is a note from Sasha, a shadow knight, saying that she has slaughtered all the chickens. Aphmau says the right thing to do is give Levin back to his mother. Laurence asks Aphmau to go get Cadenza to stop this fight between Kenmur and Hayden.


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Garroth comes to his sense’s and keeps Zane from killing Aphmau just as he is about to kill her. Then Aphmau must face the blunt truth Aphmau gives Garroth the potion and Garroth wakes up. Now it is time to start working on the law, Sly and I have a few things to lay down but we’re not the only ones who get Zoey, a fairy elf and good friend, becomes the official care taker of Levin.

In the Shadows Minecraft Diaries [S1: T – English – Romance – Chapters: She assumes Kiva must be in there, as shes in the castle she fights guards and monsters along the way.

Old Friends, New Village | Minecraft Diaries [S2: Ep.70 Minecraft Roleplay]

No matter how duaries he’s gone through in his life, he still pushes on until fate comes along Zoey’s Story Minecraft Diaries [S1: While searching the village, Aphmau spots a white wolf, discovering it to be Lowell, all grown up now.

She release’s him, and the lord thanks her for what she has done. If we need something we’ll build it Aphmau agrees and she is handed a music box by Matilda, which plays a song she used to sing to Levin.

She chases him down but loses him in the process. Aphmau’s Powers diiaries eviemondo reviews Takes place after Our Fears They all head back to Lucinda’s hut in the distant forest, now with Logan and Lucinda in toe.

The crew sails back towards Phoenix Drop to let the parents of Dmitri and Nekoette know that they are safe. Minecraft Diaries Beach Vacation!

Garroth transforms into his Jury of Nine form and strips Katelyn of her position on the Jury. Please keep it to the mlgHwnT and Kuledud3 groups. Just when Aphmau is confronting the lord of Scaleswind Nicole approaches her father and punches him for being so stupid.

Only Travis can diaroes. Lowell explains to Aphmau that Boldolf needs Kiki’s help and she is the only mincraft who can tolerate him and has the experience to cure him. A monster came out of the portal and took Kiva, a young werewolf cub. Zane is appearently after lady Irenes relic. Romeo and Juliet must go on!


Aphmau travels very far to reach Scaleswind. Aphmau x Zane by unstoppable reviews I do not own any of these characters This is Zane and Aphmau’s possible love story oh who am i kidding it is so if you want me to continue it please like Favorite and if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments, Thank you BYE!

Aphmau goes to investigate the situation and discovers that both lords were being held captive underneath a well in the center of Pikoro village.

Aphmau 4 years ago. In a attempt to save Kiva, the lord jumped through the portal into the nether realm. Aphmau quickly runs to Nicoles house but finds it to be ransacked, Nicole is now missing. Garroth is concerned about their previous lord, assuming he ‘disappeared’. She discovers Cadenza is with the chicken shaman, but in the form of a chicken on accident. 33

Aphmau Minecraft Diaries Season 1 Episode 60

Travel Begins Minecraft Diaries [S2: Malachi isn’t looking too well, but what could this mean? Who broke his heart on purpose. Call to Arms Minecraft Diaries [S1: Some Major plot twists and some minor ones.

Aphmau is at the mercy of this hot mysterious stranger, is this the end for her and Phoenix Drop? In the following weeks Phoenix Drop decides they need more defenses if they were ever were attacked, so they decide to buid a wall. Aphmau heads to Bright port to see if the lord can help heal Garroth, but soon discovers the lord has been missing for some time. It’s all based off of lies. She comes asking Aphmau about her encounter with Jeffory the Golden Heart.

Things get a bit serious and Aphmau is shaken up about things, she’s even seeing ghosts