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I enjoyed it lol. Level 2 Forum Warrior Hate Lord. This ones animation quality is higher though, but no one can fault The World Only God Knows on animation quality. I think your a little lost, That is my place. I’m far enough in to kinda understand how it works. I use to stream anime from websites but it was low quality. I might finish it off with Clannad. I sat through a lot of that in HS.

DAYUM girl that escalated quickly. I’m kinda pumped for this. This is a dark show! Ruby and Weiss are the best. Exodeon Salviej the third day Public Disorder. Not sure how the event keeps changing and resetting, but I’m sure I’ll find out in time. Rugudorull Apophicyria Caitlin Stasey dooo They know they’ve been brainwashed, and they know the stuff they do isn’t normal.

Just naming a few anime she was in. Thanks for the reccomendations. But the first Anime I fell in love with was Nausicaa and she’ll forever be my model of a strong woman.

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Never watch Madoka Magica – we may never seen you again after-words lol Sota’s right, once you watch Madoka Magica, your mental health will never be the same the show’s epic but it will destroy you lol. I’m still wondering what are they going to englisg with the ero-scenes, I bet the fanbase would like to see something like that, even if it’s something short and covered like the sex scene between Yuki and Yuno in Mirai Nikki Can you link me a site with anogana manga?


Thank god for the friends I made in High School or I might have ended up like her. Level 2 Forum Warrior Hate Lord. I love fpisode it switches between her being a psychopathic killer and a harmless girl with amnesia.

Good englixh I just decided to deal with the original crappy ending. It’s not even that good. Hmmm, dark anime huh? Here’s an anime I watched a while back: Looked like a Yuri – which is good all in itself. I love those two anime. Tatsumi The Uncrown3d Kings Don’t make him do it.

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It’s a nice slice of life. I’d enjoy reading the manga more than watching if it wasn’t for the insanely long hiatus periods. Samurai Girls Hyakka Ryouran: Everyone needs to see it.

On episode 84 out of three hundred something they are on right now. I might finish it off with Clannad. The Zvezda plot and all of them are great! Okay, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni may be sick and disturbing, but it legitimately has one of the coolest ways of telling a story. I don’t advertise mainstream anime – everyone knows them.

Thank epispde cuz later someone told me to watch it lol. Surt gods end wrote: While I’m here I might as well add some more shows.


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This ones animation quality is higher though, but no one can fault The World Only God Knows on animation quality. I like to bring to light shows most people wouldn’t know. Come get some badass Band-Aids from this chick. Solo Player Squad status: That’s really true, still I’m wondering what they’re gonna do about the supossed ero-scenes, the second season is based in the second game that contains adult situations Each girl is paired with a handler who cares for them in battle and out.

If you’ve seen it, you know which one I’m talking about Lemme think.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia D: Beat you ro it! I haven’t seen it yet, and I am not sure if I could handle it. I am not who you think I am, only but just a dream. Aquarion was on of the few series that I was able to sit through recently.

I only hard time I ever had we animewaftles Fairy Tail.