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Animation and action scenes are pretty good. This the one i was talking about,awesome right: Is it really that good? Legend of the Legendary Heroes Awesome anime Shows Have to Watch! Very pleased with it so far. The girls that Keima conquered weren’t people with flaws, they were nothing more than their flaws. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Don’t expect anything out of it. One of the vampires is a person whos name i cant remember again but he is different from all vampires,stronger then any being in existence and doesnt even use weapons AT ALL. No one gonna recommend Blood C? She needs him just to make it through the day, and he needs her needing him. On top of that, the outcome of the anime and the last two games is predictable which was a huge buzzkill. And I like funny anime.

Even though I felt ‘bad’ emotions while watching those 10 eps of School Days, I think that the series so far is good. I am certainly looking forward to seeing how XEBEC ends epiode series, and truly hope that they do it justice. Visuals that make your jaw drop. Like many other similar series it appears that Lisarah and Ryosuke will most likely fall in love, with numerous other challenges in their way.

Thankfully, the game is true to the quality of the original work including its strengths and weaknesses. But actually Jun Maeda is the guy to search for. Thanks for the correction I guess. I found [I]some[I] similar ones but they all paled in comparison.

Also how is Evangelion? ANd he looks like a model etc etc. And the screams of Nunally as she saw her brother die The OST is quite good too Post added at D Loved her,but i have seen better. Saber is actually the embodiment of king arthur or arturia pendragon and after she goes back to her timeline it appears tht the grail war was anjmeultima a dream to her and she mentions tht it was a sweet dream cuz of shirou nd her love She finally accepts her fate and doesnt want to change her destiny any more and under tht tree she dies but not before ordering her 1st knight to throw her sword Excalibur in the lake so no 1 can find it and bear the fate she had.


Ano Natsu de Matteru

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Log in or sign up in seconds. I’ve also been catcing up on Fairy Tail. What I particularly like about the summer season however, are the number of romance anime that look re be potentially quite enjoyable.

Dude you sure have a nice way to express your rage: Most of my thoughts about the show have already been said elsewhere and probably better than I could ever put itbut one thing that I really wanted to talk about is characterization.

Awesome anime Shows Have to Watch! 8

I am also greatly intrigued by the synopses for Rendezvous and Arve Rezzle, and hope these shows will deliver. Awesome anime Shows Have to Watch!

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Fate Stay Night Epic anime, lacked powerful closure and had some hiccups but still passed as pretty good. My only matteeru so far is the lack of long intense fights and the huge gap in power between Shichika and the bad guys.

P but still any suggestion will be appreciated. Summer days are about to get exciting for the small film crew. Now im about to watch it again However, i’m still gonna follow where the series is heading. Its just normal,and normal people dont know about the monsters.

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This summer season has numerous Light Novel, Visual Novel and PC game adaptations, all of which get mixed reactions ranging from massive overhype to those who dismiss them as fluff and pointless. Samurai Champloo – I’ve only watched the first episode, and it was a great introduction.


I’ll assume it’s because, in my opinion, SnK has the strongest opening to a series that I can think of. It’s a Noitamina show so it meets minimum standards of quality, but after watching the first 5 minutes of episode 1, I have no idea what I’m in for. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai I suggest you first watch FMA the original oneit has 51 episodes, then watch the movie conquerer of shambalait continues the story after the ending of original series, then watch FMA: This series itself looks to be quite a curious romance series following Yuuki Oojima who may or may not fall in love with the girl who is attempting to shut is club down.

Also, since writing this preview several other series have been added to the summer lineup, so if they are due to be aired next season it could simply be a late announcement.

Any anime with animeulti,a of Code Geass and Clannad? June 10, at 5: Also that guy’s servent is a human turned into something else,his name is Only nine episodes in for the first season, and it’s great. Very lazy to categorize them into genre: Habis ilang keroro gunso aku. I just finished rewatching this.