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Palicha also gave thumps-up to the work of Ravi, acting of Abu and Chacko. Use the HTML below. Look at the house where Rasool and Hyder stay for instance, there is simple but effective use of curtains to act as partition between rooms. Where is your oar, as you journey into the ocean? Stories Sufi told us about the wonders of love. Colin and Abu got their fill that night that would last them for a whole year. What do you want me to do? Within, my innermost self you became the seven seas.

Sometimes the call of the heart does turn out to be good right? Everything felt original, there were probably no other influences other than his own real life experiences. Even a day after I watched, it would still make you think of the smallest scenes in the movie. In the climax, after some events which blocked their relationship, Anna commits suicide, and this takes a toll on Rasool. Appreciate Fahad on his choice of movies. Ashley recollects the events happened in his last sign off at Kochi. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Salt n’ Pepper

Just watch me my dear, l swear l’ll get into his house and finish him off. You better have it or you won’t be able to take any more blows. Annayum Rasoolum is a film which is more or less centred around Kochi.

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Archived from the original on 13 December Do you want me to go beg his forgiveness? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I did hear a few stories that told me about the kind of xnnayum that the actors where given by Rajeev Ravi to improvise. The soundtrack was composed by Kwho made his debut in Malayalam Cinema.


The story of a young doctor who lives a luxurious life based on credit cards, chasing girls and his bad intentions once he goes bankrupt. This makes the movie a bit lengthy. Colin and Abu got their fill that night that would last them for a whole year. Our annaym has come early today – Better be careful my dear girl! However I wish the film could have been shorter. Avante peru manoj ennanode???

The trailer and the songs did ensure that the initial curiosity and interest was justified and then it was just about time to watch the movie itself. Recommend a watch, but mostly for those among us who’re annayhm with their movies, and can watch this one in 1 stretch only watching it with breaks interspersed will fkll doing the movie a disservice.

Andrea has done an exceptional job and to some extent overshadows Fahad in terms of acting.

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On the contrary, in some of the scenes he was simply phenomenal. Rasool on receiving the message rushes to see Anna. The movif looked every bit the character he was playing, he did not falter in even a single scene. Annayum Rasoolum is a two hour 48 minute film. That movis the thing I love the most about such movies.

Some movies make you feel privileged as you watch them. Our rubber, coir, tea, pepper, cardamom sent abroad. A heartening ode to the Kerala city life.


The revival of 2 old classic songs were a perfect fit for the movie. Fhll following day Rasool is sick and stays home. The romantic scenes between Anna and Rasool are well written and appear fresh. There is also an undercurrent of subtle irony running throughout, with a parallel tale, and it gets even more apparent in the narrative as the movie nears its eventual denouement, which might surprise those among us who moviie the bard’s tale, and that IS a good thing.

Of the cast, Fahad excels in the role of Rasool, and executes it perfectly. She joins him leaving the convent life.

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Rasool peeks inside and gets her number from the phone. The ferrys have been wonderfully used. Full Cast and Crew. By the rasoolym the film neared it’s end, I wasn’t exactly getting the emotional impact that was expected.

Top Romantic Movies in Malayalam Cinema. Francis, who started out as a financier with other shady business. The shot of Andrea against the candle prayer lights was very beautiful.