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Suganth of The Times of India gave 2 out of 5 and wrote, “When a film announces loud and clear, all that it wants to do is be in service of its hero, and make him as larger than life as possible, we accept it and all that we expect from it is to entertain us. Given his elaborate expertise in the martial arts especially the ancient form called Kalaripayattu which he’s trained in since he was all of 4 years old , Vidyut has committed himself to creating a platform for action and stunts in world cinema. A genetic engineering student tries to bring back the skills of a legend of the past and use his skills to save India from a deadly virus attack by China. When he came back having heard of the attack and the deaths of Amar and Johnny, he orders his henchmen to kill whoever is responsible for this. Use the HTML below. When Raju prepares to go rescue Karim’s daughter, Karim reveals it was not his daughter who has been kidnapped, but it was none other than Jeeva. In early November , Manoj Bajpai was reported to be playing the film’s antagonist while Vidyut Jamwal would also appear in a prominent role.

When Raju attempted to call Chandru, Amar answered in his place, making unaware of what is happening to Chandru. See what’s trending now. The overwhelming mass factor has blinded the makers in showing the adhesive bond between the friends which is the key element. Raju then reveals his identity by revealing all noted details that Manoj pointed about him earlier and beats up Manoj and his henchmen. Chandru was about to kill Imran, only to be grabbed by Amar, Johnny, and Manoj. In mid-October , a test shoot occurred with Suriya and Malavika Rampradeep, a Bharatanatyam dancer, with the Red Dragon 6K Digital camera along with a high zoom lens.

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Imran’s henchmen searchED everywhere for Raju, including checking into the hotel where he rented a room. Can the Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? A commercial entertainer might not go beyond Suriya’s fan base!

Thuppakki Sleeper cell’s leader. Might be they thought it would overcome Surya styled fights. It was said that the script had been modified a few times. While shooting for the film in Goa, Suriya injured his knee during a stunt sequence. Commercial cinema in India is something that pulls any level of audience for its entertainment content, and post Run Lingusamy is one of the directors who mastered the art.


Fails to Live up to Expectations”. The costume selection deserves special mention, starting from Suriya, Samantha, Vidyut to Manoj they all look cool and apt.

Jackie tried to call Raju, Raju was unable to answer it. Trivia Samantha and Suriya joined together for the first time in the lead roles. Use the HTML below. When Raja saw that ‘Krishna’ is walking without his crutch, he ask him about him, only for ‘Krishna’ to reveal his true identity as Raju Bhai, by having a toothpick in his mouth, leaving Raja shocked.

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When the story of their success reaches the ears of the dreaded don, Imran Bhai, they face his inevitable wrath. A handicapped man Krishna Suriya arrives at Mumbai from Kanyakumari at a train station after boarding a train from there. Karim protests and Amar leaves, before giving a warning, while Krishna hid away from them.

The pre interval fight sequence is one good example of how things should be done. Suriya, Jyothika, Bhoomika Chawla.

Hcandru 8 August Imran praises Raju and Chandru for their work but also warns that if they get in his way or position, he will kill them. He then remembered at one time, that Raju, Chandru, and Jeeva went novie a musical concert, which is finished, but using their influence and having been friends with the theatre manager of the concert, they get the concert back on running. After a life-threatening accident, a man finds that he can communicate with the dead, and must decide whether to act on their advice.

Chandru becomes thrilled and gives Raju a surprise by getting him a new car. Special Appearance Maryam Zakaria It is then ultimately revealed that ‘Krishna’ is none other than Raju Bhai, who is alive and very well in a very different look that his old rugged look by having a toothpick out of anhan mouth, something that Raju Bhai does often. Audible Download Audio Books.


Amar then attempted to kill Krishna using his henchmen, while trying to get Karim helpless to save him, only for Krishna to beat and kill up the henchmen Amar set up to kill him as well as two other henchmen. However, they were attacked by henchmen and were forced to come back. Lingusamyand produced under his banner Thirupathi Brothers.

It lacks bit of romance, 2 many songs and they doesn’t sync with the movie. You must be a registered user movi use the IMDb rating plugin. He then founded out that Raju had earlier attempted to visit him in his office of his company’s building disguised as Krishna in the last previous week. When Raju comes back, he sees Ajjan murdered. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

Raju kills all the henchmen and was about to kill Manoj, but Manoj tries to get Raju to spare his life by offering a deal to be successful in life.

Retrieved 20 March Owing to this reason, he opted out of Gautham’s film in October and announced that he would soon start work on Lingusamy’s film. Imran killed Chandru by slashing him multiple times with a knife.

Retrieved 21 April Raju attempted to call Chandru, in which Amar answered it, until the line ended up being cut. A new police commissioner Bikramjeet Kanwarpal plans to clean the city and kills a few henchmen of Raju and Chandru’s gang. Lingusamy and Suriya went to promote the film in Kochi. Routine story line with a revenge by his younger brother. In early NovemberManoj Bajpai was reported to be playing the film’s antagonist while Vidyut Jamwal would also appear in a prominent role.

Two of the songs dwell well in the Cast: