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Assuming this hulk wasn’t able to breath in space. In frustration and anger, all but one Long Shadow strike out against the Justice League. Episode 90 Description Davyd 7 months ago. Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker 5 voice comparisons 13, views, 77 votes 36 Comments. Although J’onn is initially uncomfortable, he eventually learns to enjoy Christmas. Now don’t jump on me for not releasing the full episode.

Grodd has a device that allows him to control the minds of others, and uses stolen gorilla technology to steal all of Central City and put its inhabitants under his control. The League attempts to cope with the loss of Superman by defending Metropolis in his absence. Jimmy Woo 2 voice comparisons 5, views, 48 votes 13 Comments. Guests can become part of the 4D action The Ninja Kidz discover they have powers after finding the Power Ranger power-coins. As the League members become trapped in their dreams and unable to wake up, J’onn tries to force them awake, while Batman goes to confront Dr. Also, the latest incarnations of Hulk show he also has super speed. The episode also features the confirmation of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl’s romantic relationship with a kiss to conclude the episode.

Episode 90 Description Davyd 7 months ago.

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Guests can become hustice of the 4D action This episode is notable as a ‘hidden crossover’ with Teen Titansas the Royal Flush Gang is voiced by the five principal actors from that series further, the gang’s designs are based on the Teen Titans voice talent themselves. His stories are based on unused episode ideas.

Views Read Edit View history. A nuclear submarine is attacked in the Atlantic, forcing the League to come face-to-face with Aquaman and his Atlantean army. The resulting destruction of Brainiac’s base is thought to be the end of Darkseid.


Almost successful, they are confronted by Captain Atomwho has orders to stop them.

VeklorrDec 13, There are videos justuce Superman having “ultimate power” but then again, he can’t even break free from Hawkman’s jail. You’d just have an angry, tortured hulk who repeatedly can’t breath until he finally gets a chance to escape space or destroy the sun he’s stuck in.

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Retrieved April 21, Gotham Girls Chase Me. En route, Tala frees Grodd, who leads a mutiny of other disaffected villains against Luthor and his supporters. As such, the series ran three more seasons from July to May JudgeRedemptionDec 13, With most of the League unavailable, the League’s original seven battle against the fused Luthor and Brainiac.

Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Lex Luthor’s candidacy for president moves forward as Captain Marvel appears to endorse his candidacy. Meanwhile Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl must deal with their anger towards each other following the events of “Starcrossed”. Last edited by ihavegotnewsocksDec 14, In Theaters February !

Two years later, the Lords now rule over the planet with an iron fist.

The diminutive Atom shrinks himself to stop the robots from the inside. Actors With Most Compares. Eiling only stops short of killing Shining Knight when a civilian points out that Eiling’s reason for attacking the heroes is non-existent, as his entire reason for the attack was to rid the animeflavoor of meta-humans and he was the only one there with super powers.


The Society captures most of the League, but J’onn frees the others and the Society is defeated in front of a crowded stadium. Now don’t jump on me for not releasing the full episode.

They occasionally use characters unavailable for use on the show, such as Blue BeetleMary MarvelPower GirlBlack Lightning and Firestorm and sometimes contradict events already shown, such as Wonder Woman remembering the events from “The Once and Future Thing”. It always boils down to each character becoming god-like and destroying universes and shit so its a wash.


After facing Despero and losing, John has to retrain himself to use his power ring to help the League end Despero’s reign. Deadman convinces Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of monks that the Secret Society has stolen. It consists of a series of eight television shows and four films, largely surrounding DC Comics characters and their respective mythos.

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Rise of the Snakes Recap Rob Esk 7 years ago. With a suspicious Batman eavesdropping, Carter reveals himself to be her reincarnated lover from the past and Hawkman to a confused Shayera. The episode is not only the Justice League season finale: