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The timing required to pull off a low-trajectory grab is way beyond my bloodshot eyes and shaky hooves. Confirmed by Rovio to be Android-exclusive unsure if that’s permanent: I’ll email them to you, slim , if that’s ok? As to the bomb bird issue, I think pictures will say more than words and the picture should work now. One birder with black clipping the snow supports to drop the gifts and santa is unlikely because the delay from first contact to explosion is too short. Crazy Rider December Thanks for the videos. I keep hoping I can get the white bird low enough it will send his dead carcass towards the other tree on the right which might be more points.

When I got my highest score, the left structure luckily also collapsed on the first bird, and I nearly had a one-birder for about k; the pig-containing wooden square from the left structure didn’t quite break. At k after hundreds of flings, but still whining for more: Unfortunately, you usually end up with a score around k. Instead take out the sleigh with the yellow bird. It really all depends on where the boulders fall. I finally found the right angle to launch bomb bird from watching your video. Sorry, I just had to howl at Rovio, helps get rid of the built up tension. High score so far ,

Maybe on the far right of the screen on other side of the big ice block? Speak of the devil, my nemesis Twylatime just proved me right — and then some — with a Top Score of K. Then you had to use your mojo to make the debris crash and smash enough to get those double-secret bonus points. Four were in the k range. That is what I found between levels 7 and 9 anyway. So far the two bird strat seems to work best.


The score in the video below is , but has potential for several thousand more! But I got to wonder what physics they used to get it to fly the way it does.

Just now improved to a score just shy of K. Take it out and activate the bird to lift as much as possible on the right side killing the helmetted pig.

Looks like android only not just samsung. Many times left gates only survive. Is it your first high score too? Will keep posted if progress is made. I have struggled with whole darn thing, just to get average scores…. Took a long break and then spent almost two more hours failing highest was K even though I knew exactly the shot required.

Not very much destruction so got a little less than K. So is there a secret trick to getting the tree to break apart? Used this method to get K. Get an Uncaged Membership Today.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Walkthrough Videos 3 Star | AngryBirdsNest

If the conditions in 2 and 3 are not fulfilled, restart. It also kept giving the message, in the place the advertisements usually appear, that there was trouble loading the page whenever I reset.

However I have failed to achieve it! One pig left below, taken out be debris from second shot. I wish I had seen it yesterday, before I spent so much time trying to get root access on my phone: Alternatively, there is a one-bird solution. Got using this approach.


Got lucky, debris fell on tnt and it took out entire left side, Second, flat trajectory into left side of right structure. Release bubbles just at the right corner of the lower triangle. They are avail on both my nook and lg vortex android phone. Thanks for all the help, guys!

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-12 Walkthrough

I estimate that of the twenty winher so one-birders I did, about 15 were under k. This is certainly the most obvious strategy, but it works well.

I just sent the first bird straight to about where the bottom concrete block meets the wood block below it, then crossed my fingers and hoped for good destruction.

Thank you AMslimfordynow it makes sense. In my first attempts, I got K and then K wondderham all the rest were failures. Even through all previous level worked, this would not open.

I got a tip from surfcow to send the bomb bird with a lob over the pig on the sledge, landing it next to the second tree. CmdrBond wanda Sparty83 Do wonderha of you have the ability to screen record video? Wow, way to go sunshine! Thanks for all of your help.

Can I convert to high score — of course not.