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The game is almost completed, but these two golden eggs locations makes me go crazy. Wow just got high score, pure luck, basically same strategy as video, exploded 1st bird at far right edge and both pieces of glass broke only time this happened netting me 57, It took me a lot of tries to get it, and it still does. Came to this conclusion prior to reading all the comments. I tested this several times by throwing the bird at the left structure first. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

My first shot the time I got 97K it looked almost identical to that video link I posted: Our strategy for Rocket Rumble Level 18 is to send the Bomb bird into the second set of blue mushrooms to destroy he first tower from below. The first two were as you described. It is just a black screen, the audio plays but there is no video…. Thanks for the idea of not going through the pillar, Doc! I manually detonated the second bird just as it hit the top of the pillar and the stone planks.

You can see it in my video. My first shot in that was 36,5k, so a lot of 1-31 for improvement there, but for now I am fed up with this level.

I got so far this way. Make sure you let the second bird detonate on its own to receive maximum damage.

Next time I enter this level, the egg is back. But, I shoot piglantjs red bird differently than the video. If you watch this video: The explosion should blow up the chest and topple the right hand side.


Anyway, again, thanks for your tips Grayson! Red bird in the corner but nothing happens …. It was of great help to get the Bomb Bird under the starfish for the first shot. At last, an easy one, I was beginning to think that all of them were going to be migraine enhancers.

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When you do that, you usually manage to kill the two towers with that red bird. Now fire the next Walkthrougb bird into the white pillar, taking it down. Got my present score using cheetaathank you for posting the alternative strat so will keep trying both, very difficult with my fingers crossed.

Sorry about my english, i hope its understandable. This made aiming the red. In this location, most of the bird One thing I saw was that the explosion of the first bird can move the second tower. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. They are 18 and Definitely more points available.

One of those levels where I turned into a zombie almost. I have 3 stars on every other level in Easter Eggs, so this is becoming personal! Congrats on getting it to work. Release bird backwards just at the point it starts to rise as yo move it left.

It seems to send the bomb bird over a bit further so it bounces or lands up under the starfish. I have a feeling that, while it is harder to hit, it gives more points walkhrough average. Our strategy for Rocket Rumble Level 19 is to fling the Yellow bird through the top hanging stones.


Have a cyber beer on me and thanks again. Then that structure fell left and right did not go down.

Angry Birds Seasons Easter Eggs Level 1-13 Walkthrough

Got 97k and will be more than happy with that for now. This is what a birdz 1st shot looks like — https: Breaking the plane of that arch so that the debris falls and breaks in the water is really the key to getting a decent score. It seems to have been built with a very hardy wood! Also Eeasons detonated the second bird manually, this way the structures topples to the right.

We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. Ideally, you also want those flat stones over the arch to fall and break also. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level 1-13 Walkthrough

The first two were as you described. Repeat this shot with the second Our strategy for Mighty Hoax level is to fire the first Yellow bird through the second angled wooden plank. Only 91 so far but that put 5k on my prior high and walkthroough me to 40 in EE!