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Keep up the good work. Only 1 pig in the middle remained and the yellow bird took it out. I recall being in the middle of a glitched game and had scored 1. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. Worked great and was able to gain 6k in points. Yellow over top to TNT, last blue to mop up. Repeat this shot with the second The way you describe things may be the culprit but the score you report is incredibly dubious.

I recall being in the middle of a glitched game and had scored 1. Our strategy for Summer Pignic level 22 is to fire the White bird towards the middle of the level, dropping the bomb on the ledge top-right of the ice house. Score Ty ohforfive — Great strategy! The 2 cement blocks MUST fall to the left. I already have 3 stars on each level of the whole trilogy and all the feathers too. Yep meanguy you are right Might try the other way around. Summer Pignic level 29 is quite difficult.

The first bird took out a large section on the angrj side and toppled the tower onto pigs below and TNT. I found that bringing bird 1 down closer to the second structure worked better for me.

Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic Level 1-23 Walkthrough

All the glitch level scores should be wiped. I have messed up around here so I hade to use the last bird as well.

Mega congrats to the people who were able to figure out the glitch on this level and score some crazy scores. Took a lot of tries. It makes gameplay and fair competition on this level nonsense, and a waste of time.


Angry Birds Seasons Wreck the Halls Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

The score in the video below is 77, The strategy was not posted until after most had installed a newer version. Perhaps this thread can help you: -123 my case, that middle piggy popped, but that involves some nice falls and good TNT blow-up. Just moments before hitting the flower, tap the screen for the bird to break into three birds.

I had struggled with this level for the longest time until I saw this. I believe the second video is a good example at how to get in the high 70s or higher. Fire the Yellow bird straight into the wooden support On one occasion, I had 32k after my first bird but did not get the lucky collapse that got me to 97k.

The glitch was widely available for an extended period of time.

The towers above the birxs gone ice blocks will stumble to the left, killing three pigs. Took out the tnt and resulting explosion took out all remaining piggies for 67k.

Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs Walkthroughs

Not necessarily level progression tho usually that is the case. This will kill the last two remaining pigs.

Hello and greetings from Finland! Thats why I hadnt seen it, I was looking for a whole new download, expected to have to pay for it too, so what a bonus when I found out it sum,er free. My first bird is a straight shot into the bottom layer of the first structure taking out the white present and the pig. I keep overshooting or undershooting: Just curious how yellowangrybird obtained the high score. Aim the yellow bird to some wood and finish with blue birds. Other glitches on other levels ihave been fixed it seems, and score adjustments made, but not here.


Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs Walkthroughs | AngryBirdsNest

Created a slope so it all fell as one and broke most of the ice. Most of it should fall, so use the Yellow bird as a Use the second method and luckily only have to sling 2 birds.

Oh well, time to move pignjc out and not looking back! Blue bird to take out flower and all 4 ice blocks under first part. Yes to anyone reading we are officially nutters.

Even more odd is the fact that he never seems to answer any questions people ask. Since the pig on top of the tallest platform is pretty difficult to get without wasting too many birds.