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Some viewers see Shreeyam as this. You could feel a tinge of sadness in Beef’s voice when he expressed his need of tearing it down. In episode of his main Mindcrack series, Etho starts the episode worried about creepers, and one appears right before his very eyes. Season 9 has 20 participants split into 5 teams of 4. Only 3 ender eyes are needed to open the portal at the center of the map. In retribution Guude covered Beef’s entire castle with vines. Wolves are often employed by contestants to aid in combat.

He later returned as a VIP guest in Season 5. Season 14, Episode 9: In return, Generik covered Paul’s house in a mountain of stone taller than the mountain the house was built under. After Team Canada takes advantage of Zisteau ‘s Super Ocd in their prank, he completely remakes Pause’s nether track, changing it from a boring tunnel into a huge line with a rainbow and 8 Zisteau Faces. After getting hit once, Guude immediately realizes what is happening, dodges Zisteau ‘s next attack, draws his own weapon, and then proceeds to trounce him. Sounds harmless enough, until you remember that most of the vines must be individually whacked off the walls.

It doesn’t end well. Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 9: Kurt also lets one off when his dog saves him in season 3. Team B try to bribe MCGamer with 31 blocks of Lapis Lazuli, which represents approximately 30 minutes worth of mining on his part. Season 6 marks the third consecutive season in which he was killed by a wolf, and the second in which he was killed by his own wolf. He later returned as a VIP guest in Season 5.

Pause with pretty much everyone. Doesn’t lead to outright murder, but Team B place a bomb in Kurt’s base along with a message instructing him to ‘keep his big mouth shut’, as he’s the primary witness to their TNT heist.


Season 17 features 20 players, among them three new guest participants: Hit me all you like! Wolves are often employed by contestants to aid in combat. The map is randomly generated with a bedrock border around its x perimeter.

Ultimately, Pause cheats the trapbut accidentally kills Millbee while trying to free him. And Nebris when he wants to. The episode ends off with “Oh!

CaptainSparklezCoestarand sevadus.

Minecraft :: Mindcrack UHC Season 11 – Episode #6

Notable examples include Season 6, where BDoubleO is killed when he confuses Pause’s wolf for his ownthe finale of Season 4B, during which two players manage to defeat four, with the help of about fifteen wolves,Season 7, when Nebris and Kurt fight with about a dozen wolves each, with Nebris winning thanks to a bucket of lava and Season 3, in which Kurt’s wolf saves his life during a fight against Pause.

Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 17 Ep. The only way to recover health in this is with golden apples or instant health potions.

Guude is working at a workbench, distracted, and Zisteau charges at him from behind.

Please activate JavaScript visit this website to help you and reload the page. Leave a comment 4 characters max. Killing a anrerzel in front of Vechs may have a similar result. Nebris’ house and both of Etho’s bases.

The invite-only server has spawned many Let’s Plays from most of its residents, spawning prank wars and competitions, such as the Ultra Hardcore series.

Our website requires JavaScript to work. This is the first season Guude’s scripts were not used weason do the episode marks. Vanilla Anderael Season 3. Subverted with the end of the trial; Baj okays some Last Wordsbut activates the gallows before anything can be said.

One of the mods installed allowed the Mindcrackers to be beheaded in combat, and they would continue fighting like nothing happened. Anderz saves Doc from an infinite loop of death here. You need to login to do this.


Paul blew up GenerikB’s RV. Please copy these numbers required: Please use the talk page for contact. Youtube Multiplier is not affiliated with Youtube or Google.

Of course, he got on through a contest of votes.

AnderZEL’s Top VODs

Pyro during Trouble In Terrorist Town. Zisteau has three; “Bad Ideas clean ” by Kevin Macleod for his Seaeon season 3 videos, “Bits with Byte” by 8 Bit Weapon for his season 4 videos, and “If you don’t know what to do just steal the amen break” by C for his season 5 videos. Although they aren’t part of the server, Dadbee and WesWilson also count.

Pause can “control” the weather his rain dances. Health does not recover from keeping your hunger bar full.

Team Dooke UHC season 9 episode 5 – Youtube Multiplier

As a more meta example, during group calls, someone says something that could be perceived as dirty, someone will inevitably say “Secret Saturday” No-one can remember Mhykol’s name. Conversely, if a youtuber with a large number 1 subscribers joins the server, all of the existing members can expect a boost in subscribers.

Retrieved from ” http: Pause’s solution to Generik’s Saw-esque prank. Often a player will make a team with another player often for no real reason only for them to be shot in the back once their back was turned. Title anderzeo Mashup char.

MC’s “assassination” of the B-Team. Vanilla Server Season 1. Golden apples require a 8 gold ingots instead of nuggets and an apple to craft.