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Self and cultural expression played a role in both kinds of music making, but they differed in terms of social affiliations, musical genres, and also in their relation to monetary exchange. This reflects a richness of musical variety in Indonesia, but also a constraint on individual villagers who might wish to collaborate musically with someone from another village. In this situation, the centralised network is clearly vulnerable, as the destruction of the single central node would destroy communication among all the end stations. He also claims that in this network system, low-status workers will become highly regimented and tightly monitored and controlled through computerised control systems Winner, They focus attention on seemingly disparate phenomena such as everyday social strategising, bodily movements and socially embedded power structures. The Internet and Political Activism in Indonesia political economy of the global informational cities Sassen, , which are under the logic of the nation-state. Cyberspace is simply another zone in which real world events are carried out in a manner that is connected to the corporality of its users. It is cheap and easy to publish material on the Internet, through the web or just by circulating emails.

I suggest that three broad groups interacted socially around the neighbourhood during my research, each of which tended to gravitate toward some musical worlds and not others. They can include, pamphlets, video cassettes, audio cassettes and recently also include short-message texts cellular phone based. To understand the linkages between the online and offline activities real-world actions , this study used documentation, archival records, interviews and direct observation. These interviewees were with those who participate in real-world actions. Usai itu Rio datang dan membantu Churong mengejar Reva. It allows social relations to become disembedded, lifted from the local and stretched around the world, facilitating new forms of interaction and bringing people together.

In the mid s, during the Cold War, the need was apparent for a nuclear-bomb-proof communications system. To epsode the main point, in the context of cyberactivism, the Internet is not replacing traditional methods of protest, yet it is certainly bolstering and at times even altering the processes of collective activism.

Yet, 160-1611, more than ten years after Howard Rheingold delivered the statement cited above, scholars studying the political dimension of the Internet still have the same old debates; whether the Internet is democratic or Panoptic. In so doing I will formulate and apply concepts of cultural and social capital.


The following chapters seek to carry the tension between these understandings and uses of the concept of social capital, and in this way account for cooperation around music and social relations in the midst of jwlanan.

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Music making sometimes helped to establish social networks and, in turn, economic gain for street-based workers by linking newcomer guides with Sriwisata members. Identity filtering is thus a process of simultaneously avoiding cognitive dissonance, by disregarding unfavourable information, while knitting together information that can be interpreted as being consistent with, and in support of, aggrandising a given identity.

In other words, a convivial technology does not necessarily lead to a convivial society. Thus, in the beginning, the ARPAnet was projected as no more than an emergency military communications system.

If the Internet is to be categorised as democratic, what is it about the Internet that can be so readily assumed to be inherently democratic? For these people, socialising together on the street built a strong sense of unity. These concepts, as mobilised by Bourdieu, provide helpful tools for understanding musical identities. In the following chapters I shall interpret consequences of the breaking down or maintenance of social barriers, whether negative, in social marginalisation or conflict, or more positive, through increased and diversified experience for those involved.

Tak lama Boy datang ke rumah Reva. New media and communication technologies, particularly the Internet, do not pull the world together to exist in only one global sphere. I also gathered written literature from universities, newspaper and government offices, and around the street, and bought or was given cassettes from shops and stalls.

Scholars claim that building mutual solidarity increasingly takes place in global and transnational settings, involving the crossing of geographical and cultural borders. The interaction systems in which technical developments take place are characterised by particular rules.

National investment thus heavily focused on strategic industries such as jalanna, telecommunications and shipbuilding. Utopians also believe that increased information technology penetration will make it more difficult for abusive, authoritarian and quasi-sovereign governments to maintain their legitimacy Ganley and Ganley, ; Pool, ; Frederick, ; Ganley, Collective identity formation — identity shared among individuals — is a primary driving force in the contemporary world Castells, In these ways, Sekar Wuyung provided important in-group social cohesion for members, and created possibilities for joining forces across groups.


The Internet could make this possible as it enables people in distant places to communicate directly and make everyday experiences available to each other.

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A node in a small village in Indonesia is the equal of a node in the centre of world power, Washington DC, for example. In Part One, I explore the roles of music and capital conversion in the maintenance of conflict avoidance between these work groups. Based on his studies of the city, jxlanan and episove history of technologies, Lewis Mumford makes a strong division of technologies by categorizing them into two political boxes, authoritarian and democratic.

During the main fieldwork period, from April to OctoberI talked about music with hundreds of people, mostly in Indonesian.

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I thank Patricia Spyer, my copromotor, whose intellectual energy and ideas were a constant stimulus and episoce source of my intellectual excitement. Another set of interviews was conducted in connection with the interviews conducted under Section 1. Habibie persistently worked on this leapfrogging vision, successfully establishing his control over ten strategic industries.

Senior Blessing thanks for your referral ma. John Goldlust kindly proofread a late draft of the monograph. And, as a ninth-grade student, an Indonesian teenager, would portray Dr. An understanding of dissonance theory also signals that the information that flows within the Internet is not neutral.

In the early years of his presidency, Suharto chose to socialise the fear of communism.