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These awards are from Televisa to Televisa. A second later Xi is on the phone to Al leaving him a message to call back and explain something about that Mr. I don’t know if modern day Chile does. I think it odd that anyone would link Mariano and Miriam together. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain telenovelas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Your zingers at the end of almost every paragraph had me laughing so hard! After hearing this Agustina made a face like she was going to move out. Would it even be as deep?

Because she loves playing villains! I don’t want to steal Vivi’s thunder if she is nice enough to recap, but someone on the cast is a total flirt!!!! Hoping to ease her depression, her uncle, Daniel Monterde, invites her to live at his ranch, where she can rest and recover while caring for the many animals he keeps there. We promised we would sleep together and wake up together. They rename the ranch Amor Bravio. Doesn’t Camila know that El Diablo once tried to buy the ranch? Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos! Dios gets it right most if not all the time….

The only excitement was Os getting stabbed, and that was not good excitement. Jennifer Lopez Winners and nominations Bold denotes winner not revealed during the ceremony. I started watching it earlier today, and though I was enjoying it, I was also finding it at times depressingly hard to understand.

Abraham, being a detective did, but he’s not the beneficiary. They were neighbors years before, for over 10 years. Vivi, I watched the bathtub scene.

I’m sure Osvaldo was stabbed at the request of Dio and the watch was taken to make the assault look like a robbery. But this whole plotline just takes up a bit too much screentime for me. It would make total sense for her to see his motive for wanting to finzle it, especially when Mariano discovers that Alonssso has been embezzling from it to make it look like it’s losing money.

If they ever have casual Fridays, I’m afraid they’d just show up in their underwear. At least that’s what I think Dio bravip going for since the thugs stabbed Becerra just once. Cadena Tres usually puts all their shows in youtube the next day so there’s a high number of people who watch their novelas online. Because obviously the one to who has to control herself is me!


Astute observations, as always.

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La doble vida de Estela Carrillo since Mi marido tiene familia since Por amar sin ley since Sin miedo a la verdad since Amar a muerte since Ringo since Geez, I go away for a long weekend and everything hits the fan!

Your mileage may vary. Al contradicts Ms Sunshine and says he has nothing to look forward to; he is a quadriplegic looking at life in the pokey. He has no idea that his fate is linked to the Monterdes in Mexico, or how drastically his life will soon change. Dionisio’s y Augustina’s marriage is as Fake as the Love Dionisio professed he had for Augustina when the married her and the non existent flings of passion he fakes when he gives her pity Sex in Bed!

Camila wonders what will happen in the meantime, between now and the time he tells her the truth.

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She, Dan, and Camila were just victims of the circumstances. I feel very sorry for Mariano, especially if he’s a widower, because he is going to get his heart broken again. It’s in Spanish but need to get in the groove.

Who was born on Christmas? They leave nothing to the imagination.

Gran final: Part 1

How did he find out, anyway? So much to say, and possibly so little time. So shut your yap! Luis also wants a bit of a rest after coming off of multiple tns and theater work, like Norma did.

I’m so glad other English speakers watch tele novelas too! sunopsis

Amor bravío

So Dan doesn’t know that Vivi has the hots for Aaron too. Yago hates her and Mariano totally dismisses her. Any ideas about how much of a success AB was? The Hoy synopeis is delightful. He tells her he still desires her. Sometime later, deeply bitter and hungry for revenge, Daniel travels to Mexico determined to destroy the Monterde family, which he blames for his terrible misfortune.


But he didn’t want to do that. Dan explains to Miriam why everyone has lied to her. Isadora immediately wants to know what happened.

They’re both career oriented and would make a great detective team. It’s not like you didn’t get that point from the US version, but the more languid pace of the original seemed appropriate after their frenetic journey to get to that point.

I don’t feel like the next one would fill the gap. First, Thank you, mil gracias a todo to all the recappers for the splendid recapping of AB. Sure, he went to jail for a little while. Did her mother pierce her ears before abandoning her at the orphanage?

He reminds her that love is inspired, not obliged. Retrieved 13 August Now I understand why Rocio was so preoccupied and quickly decided to go the hospital to see Ana, animal instinct like. I think it belongs in the Olympics. Great stuff as always!

I have enjoyed this TN and this blog immensely. I never heard anyone complain that Mariano didn’t follow her to Europe so that he could work at the ranch. The city outskirts are surrounded by vineyards and Santiago is within a few hours of both the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santiago is the cultural, political and financial center of Chile and is home to the regional headquarters of many multinational corporations.

Anonymous, I think Dionicio was crying because he finally realized what could never have been. She’s going to get what she gets and not be emotionally chained to anyone.

That is such a sweet song!!