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Os asks him if before Alonso died he managed to sign the documents for La Malquerida. ALL the little workers look good in their suits of tight pants. He didn’t overhear them talking about Pablo being Dan’s son. I actually love their scenes together, knowing that their easy relationship will soon have another dimension. Thanks, Jardinera, for the great recap, and Nanette, for your fabulous list. I’m with Kelly, I don’t feel sorry for Aggie past the fact that her daughter has died. It sounds like we have similar approaches.

So we will still have a villain. He was much better looking than Alonssso Mariano le confiesa a Camila que Alonso y Ximena, su hermana, son amantes. And B was on his way there to facilitate that ‘signing’. Isadora y Dionisio no se imaginan que Daniel esta cerca y decidido a vengarse de todos. I’ve noticed that it seems to come and go for him on AB.

It is exciting to reflect on how much happens in a week. Although, with the way things are going, it’s going to take a great deal of will to make that happen. Daniel anuncia ante todos que se van a casar. I played my Cuando ringtone for everyone in the van as we drove past. Spanish mother and Castizo father 4. Poor soon- to-be-Hissadora-dead-meat Cayetano seems to be closer to the kids.

And should have seen it was Karen who mentioned it. Was it his brother-in-law? But I would wear it to a picnic with my man Dan.

What mother tells her daughter that?

That is very cool. Camila y Daniel se quedan asombrados.

The ancestors of early U. Alonso acusa de traidor a Dionisio por querer ser el nuevo administrador de la hacienda. Rafa told Vivi that his editor wants him to continue with his first book– the epizode book about bull ranching– now that the romance novel is done. Since the writers have been planting seeds for future events like Al’s mom eplsodethey must have put her pregnancy in the plot for a reason.


Neither one of the others thinks so. That’s quite a death list.

You guys have been having quite the conversation today while I was out. Ok, from the Top: Well, says Os, maybe then he gave them to a nurse or a doctor to take care of them for him.

Guess I’m filled with foreboding for what the next 70 episodes are going to bring. A,or is of course pure evil but I get such pleasure watching this actor. The thanks were for Anita of course. But he is so desperate to 1 get Nat away from a man he thinks episods hurt her; and 2 will Nat over, that he’s going against his eposode instincts and principals and playing Ili’s games.

I think this TN has some of the most nuanced character development I’ve seen in the genre. Daniel acusa a Isadora de ser la responsable de muchas tragedias. I agree that she is not terribly sympathetic, but she is more complex to bravil than just someone who is muy mala and I should automatically hate. Though Gussie was selfish and put having a man above her daughters, she has been connected to them and was close to them in her way.

Oh, THAT kind of swordsman. Amidst all these serious points for discussion How long did he work on it? Monday, January 7, at 5: Quick thing about bringing bread Especially after she tells him her secret, not that he seems to need an excuse.

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Camila se entera por medio de Daniel que Dionisio es un asesino. Os asks him if before Alonso episodee he managed to sign the documents for La Malquerida. I’m pretty sure you have to name the exact person you’re leaving things to in your will rather than just say “my mother,” especially because of situations like this with bio-moms vs. The avances were also very intriguing.


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Thanks, Kat, for a funny, wonderful recap, and thanks to all the recappers for keeping me up-to-date. I am surprised that no one has mentioned a reason for Rocio to be dealt some poetic justice that I think would leap out at the Mexican audience – that is that she is a married woman who cheated on her husband. Most of what I would have said about the episode has already been said, plus lots of insightful and fascinating comments I wouldn’t have known enough to make.

Both JR and Bobby know the truth and I wonder if this will be brought into play this season. A few of my thoughts on C. A real job, not a fake, steal from people because her current husband said it was ok kind of job. So if she didn’t know what happened to Alonso after he was taken from her and she was fired, she can figure it out. I don’t see where is ill fiettd reminds me of the fit of proenza schouler’s corsets on the bust there the cup is slightly diminished.

I episodw a knitted nose warmer from someone on Etsy. Back to Rocio, she is going to pay for her attitude bravoi her attempt to keep her family away from La Malquerida. I have a feeling you also have a way with chocolates and acting!