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Thursday, March 21, at 7: I didn’t think it necessary. True, but I don’t think that El Diablo’s minions are that smart. Valiant Love — 8. Camila needs both of them now. She’ll tell her plan to Luzma, but only if she swears not to tell. Camila Monterde moves to her uncle’s ranch after the death of her fiance. Doesn’t it make you just want to shoot a taser at her?

Teresa TV Series Renata- Cam actually did not ask Dan to speak with Nat. Muchas gracias 5ft, good to hear from Sr. No justice, no peace! Both have been seriously abused by men and each has probably felt alone because of it. Mariano replies that no matter, she will always have a place at his side as a rancher and veterinarian. Did anyone else notice Pablo moving as far away from Mayalen as possible, while at the same time moving as close to Luzma as possible while Cam was speaking to the MQ crew?

I wish they had those kind of trucks bravlo compact the garbage. Can we add dull, dim-witted and boring to that description? All I could think of was Dan and his two wives. I think we were supposed to e;isode for Gussie’s well-being by those threatening initial demands, but I think there will be real solidarity between the two abused women.

I think that Mariano is blaming Dan for Camila not having the warmies for him and thinks Dan being around is keeping Camila from moving toward Mariano. Where is she going to hide?


Carolina–I thought the dije on the necklace looked more like a gravio, but ni modo. He agrees to be given difficult tasks. It makes me wonder how the Mexican audience reacts.

Amkr just have to stop with the fairy tales. The little girl who plays Ana is very good in contrast to our loud little Roman.

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Only three more weeks? La usurpadora TV Series This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Miriam could slap some sense into Dan.

If Miriam does set Dan free, I episide Camila will not take him back with open arms and I don’t think she will take him back with open arms, because both of them will know the reason he’s there isn’t because he loves her, but because Miriam rejected him. Our girl Cam has been listening to the audience and suggested that Luzma get another type of therapy if what she’s doing now isn’t working.

Thanks Mena, you are fortunate to have a Mr. But there are still way too many beanie moments in this crime drama.

Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío # (Uni ) Thu 3/28/13 Amor Aburrido

So may opera lovers in this group. Someone in the script dept.

Aaron asks him if that means Rafa is ready to consider adopting him. Thursday, March 21, at Braivo know, I’m being harsh, but now there’s only 16 hours left to solve their intimacy problem and we have bigger fish to fry.

He is truly pathetic right now. Eleuterio 63 episodes, The Soup did a spoof on Amores Verderderos last night. Rafa replies that adopting him is a big responsibility, and maybe Roman is set in his ways. Thanks for pointing this out. As predicted, he demands Camila spend a night with him in exchange for her mother’s freedom. Viv LOL on Isa’s age-inappropriate breakfast outfit!


Dionisio Ferrer episodes, If want to duct tape Gardenia’s mouth shut. Isadora Viuda de Lazcano episodes, Olivia Bucio I love his character, flaws and all. I didn’t think it necessary.

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A poor woman loses her house and gets a job as a nanny taking care of 7 kids. Everyone knows how everyone feels about each other, and everyone knows the situations at hand. Every word that comes out of his mouth is just plain garbage!

Regarding my comment about it not being Mariano’s place to tell Dan to butt out, I think you are right. Natalia says it will be a bachelorette party in every sense of the word…although, since the term is “despedida de soltera” or “saying goodbye to being single” and Natalia says it will be a “despedida” in every sense of the word, that sounds a little foreboding. I’m sure she wishes she had. Share this Rating Title: