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Much like the stock market and housing bubble this novella has collapsed upon itself. Miriam said, “yes, I’m sure Abram figured it would be better and faster to get through customs here. Cayetano hands over his gifts. They seem to have gone out of their way repeatedly to specify characters using the Toluca airport and I did think it was a PSA, even though I was pretty sure it didn’t have service to some of the places people were supposed to be going or even any logical connections. Foxy–Probably we won’t see Rosario again, unless she and Isa run into each other in the prison yard. I love how they are working with Rafa and Ramon, the scales in his eyes are now making it possible for him to spend time with Ramon, so maybe this will be what leads him to shed the scales in his heart and change his mind about the adoption. It makes for more of a cliffhanger, especially coming at the end of the episode. Anita- I’m looking forward to our Cinco de Mayo outing!

I first met her in December when she came up for another Met performance. So great to see Dio squirm on a pretty regular basis right now. She walks in and starts screeching and you hide the taser next to you and fire. Now that Fernando and Ana are Officially Novios, can Ana please stop wearing those horrible uniforms and buy some nice, comfortable clothes that are more appropriate for running around with kids all day? Miriam didn’t seem to notice, but Cam sure did. Have you no idea of the gravity of this situation?

Color me red and pink. Isa and Johny does not qualify for me as fun viewing. Aurora’s boobs looked like two tan bowling balls trying to break free of the mesh clothing that restrained them.


I am seeing a future for this couple and I like that.

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I love watching this while the world and my large Catholic family is awaiting smoke signals! Maybe she’ll use the fact that she never slept with Fer as evidence to Art that she really really loves him.

At first, it was because of the miscarriage and now it was because brxvio brought back awful memories about what happen with her uncle. Doesn’t it make you just want to shoot a taser at her?

I want to hit Esteve over the head with a Nerf bat. Anselmo is blabbing on about how responsive the townspeople have been by taking in the kids and helping with donations. That one foto of La Odiosa was priceless!

Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío # (Uni ) Tue 3/12/13 The Teflon Kimodo

I am wishing that Johnny would get caught with Isabella and Jenny throws him to the curb Camila empathizes with Miriam. Want them to continue? Let’s hope that the old Godfather didn’t have any head lice.

Jennifer and Johnny were talking about the pole-dancing school when the conversation shifted to talking about Doroteo. They are too young to have a “forever after”. Tofie, “Ah, to be young and dumb again. It seems the closer we get to the end, the more beanie moments. He asked about Alicia. Girl, when even your novio’s mother calls him difficult and uncaring, you should pay careful attention.

I don’t speak a word of Spanish so I was looking for a site that recapped what happens in English. You know, the ones they repeat in the afternoons or late night. And I groaned as soon as I btavio Roman standing next to the laptop.


Wednesday, March 13, at 6: Ana had her sit down so they could talk about pride. I can’t stand it.

Rocio has heard about the wedding and the blessed event and wants to meet Natalia. I was glad Fanny called him out when he blamed her for their breakup. Oh well, I’ll ask hubby later about the word’s nuance. Thanks Paquita, very well done. Ana looked a little nervous and even a little shy as she asked Fernando what this was all about.

Vivi, you are right. Rufino tells him he knows Daniel was the first accuser but there are two more. He the new cura for a new day. If not a trial it wouldn’t be double jeopardy if she was charged again.

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Antonieta Orozco episodes, Susana Diazayas Bravi warns her not to think of inviting her or she will have a very serious problem with him. Omar will squeal to save his own hide. If want to duct tape Gardenia’s mouth shut. She points out that Vivi and Rafa are free to be together and they should make the most of it aprovechar. I feel so much better now. She also tells her that Nati and Amanda came by to visit Rocio.

Tuesday, February 3, at 2: Maximiliano Sandoval episodes, Daniela Romo Does she really think she can sway Yago to come visit his mother? He should just die.