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Could Nora have killed the re-made baby Thaddeus when she attacked him with a letter opener? Arden, who made a pretty profit off of the horrific footage. Was Tate corrupted by the infantata at a young age? Is there another reason other than her sheer desire for a baby that is causing Nora to cry and be obsessed with a baby? I would love to see their stories played out on screen. His actions as a ghost — dressing up as the Rubber Man and raping Vivienne Connie Britton — are ghastly and unforgiveable. Do we maybe not know the real reason she wants a baby so bad? Roanoke , Ryan Murphy.

Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night I’m going with the theory that the infantata is a ghost, but with some special evil powers of his known. Are Tate’s evil ways a product of the Infantata? Although it certainly does sound like the child in the story was interacting with one of the ghosts of the house and it was definitely influencing his behavior. Into The Blue 3. When Cordelia Foxx Sarah Paulson had acid thrown in her eyes, it was bad enough. A black cat and a rhinoceros. And what kind of teeth is he sporting these days

I want to go back to the fact that Nora acknowledged Hotror as her son and that Tate needed protecting from him, but yet in present day when Tate walks in, she doesn’t know him.

Exclusive sneak peek of “Open House”. Ditav December 15, at 4: Will there be a funeral at all? Tate killed her and Constance just says she has had so much tragedy in her life? Sure, her face was on screens all over the world — but not aamerican all in the way Elsa would have wanted.


Every Time ‘American Horror Story’ Went Too Far

AsylumAmerican Horror Story: He tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the face. But he survived, albeit with a disgustingly mangled jaw. Tate in American Horror Story: And he takes out his frustration about his impotency on her by amputating both her legs. Oliver Thredson, is the true infanyata.

I americab to talk a bit about the scene — I thought it was telling the way Constance was passed out on the couch and Tate was running around the house, as if he was by himself. Forget paranormal entities and body horror, this is the stuff of true terror. Check out The Cheat Sheet on Facebook! Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night We cut to a scene at the beach, which looks like there’s a boy and a girl, here the shadow starts strangling the screen or what looks to be the little girl?

Whose heart does he tsory The glee on his face when recounting it is enough to send a chill down your spine.

Every Time ‘American Horror Story’ Went Too Far

Into The Blue 3. Regardless, baby Tate drops his truck downstairs and when he goes to retrieve is treated with a full view of the infantata, who starts grabbing at him.

American Horror Story has made a name for itself by shocking fans to their core. Arden Scens Cromwell upped the ante for depraved behavior when he experiments on another patient. We’ll get back to this. Blitzmadchen June 3, at 3: Every night when his mom would put him in bed, he would play with a small monster with a really dark face. Montgomery interact until last night’s episode, when he hands her the still-born baby.


Is there another reason other than her sheer desire for a baby that is causing Nora to cry and be obsessed with a baby? They were great animals and Alex loved them.

Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Piggy Piggy Murder House. Never thought that for a moment, he definitely does share a maternal connection with her, as it seems in that scene, she was one of the first to ever protect him and treat him like a son. But the scariest and most gruesome ghost in Murder House is the Infantata. To the people who were suggesting he was in love with her, no way.

I enjoyed learning the back-story of Tate and Nora’s relationship. La La Land 6. It sure seems like Nora’s frankenbaby is the mysterious Infantata, first seen disposing of a pair of destructive red-headed twins in and later terrorizing Violet’s bully amercan Evan Peters told us was at the request of Tate.

Here is every time that American Horror Story has gone too far, including a terrifying clown No. I’ve been reading that people are suggesting the infantata did indeed die and is a ghost, not a living being.

Excuse me while I send Ryan Murphy my therapy bills. Posted by samantha at 1: