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So I would hear her tell one story for my aunts in a particular way and assure us that it was absolutely true and then tell it to us in a different way to make a different point. She mentions only the black girls from school with whom she plays at recess. It could be a prejudice based on age, though. All she remembers of her visits there is a bunch of strangers that crowded around her telling her that they were her aunts, uncles, and cousins. In this essay, she examines the theme of isolation in “American History. Character Traits Reading Skills Focus: And I think that it’s wonderful to have African-American studies and Latino studies, but there’s also an inherent danger in that if we’re going to create a new generation of writers these studies need to be more interdisciplinary. The most obvious prejudice is exhibited by Eugene’s mother.

For Elena, it might be easier to dream while staring at the snow falling from the clouds rather than looking down at the ground where her ordinary, day-to-day life takes place. The rest of the city, from Elena’s point of view, is quiet, subdued, and respectful of Kennedy’s passing. The American History helps the readers to identify with Elena and understand how she must have been feeling Bruce-Novoa, You do NOT have to write the questions. It seems that you’ve also adopted your grandmother’s view that when you tell a story it’s for poetic truth. It becomes then this daily struggle to keep up with your own standards, no one else’s.

This also demonstrates that as Eugene’s family was not the migrant family, if anything was to happen, Skinny Bones was to suffer as she could never match hitsory up to Eugene as he came from the totally different race. Who said I enjoyed writing?! The city was named for William Patersonan associate justice of the U.

Eugene had told Elena that he was from Georgia, and she thinks he might be able to provide some insight into the story, which takes place during the Civil War. In addition to the jokes that are thrown her way, Elena hates the winter cold.

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But they always have to meet the criteria of excellence that I learned early to apply. Kennedy was rushed to the hospital. When I’m addressing a Latino audience and they ask me about models I pause because I know that they want me to say that my models were Puerto Rican writers. Hernandez, a literary critic, has collected interviews she conducted with fourteen prominent Puerto Rican writers living in the United States. Because she is often cold, she cannot keep up with the other girls in her class when they elegantly jump rope.


The family moved to Georgia when Cofer was a teen. The author teaches us about the racism that Elena have to go through in school. She lets Elena know that she comes from the wrong kind of family, the wrong kind of ethnicity, and the wrong side of the street. When she was three years old, her family left the island and moved to the United States, finding a home in Paterson, New Jersey.

Huge crowds formed on the sidewalks outside as the president’s casket was pulled by a horse-drawn carriage from the church to Arlington National Cemeterywhere Kennedy’s body was laid to rest. She thinks a lot about her future as she watches the older Jewish couple next door.

Kennedy was an event, which shook the globe, but to a teenager like Elena it does not, in fact, mean anything.

She later learned that the boy’s name is Eugene. Elena’s mother also represents the immigrant personality of the first generation.

She writes for both adult and young adult audiences. Through orhiz own daily-life experiences she finds out that all these matters are related to one another and are complicated parts in the forging of her own individuality as a young Puerto Rican female growing up in the USA Davis, Such events judity common ethnic-American experiences, and thus all versions are in some way equally “true.

American History by Judith Ortiz Cofer

They hang out together as they walk home from school. This is also true for your titles like the story “American History” for example histroy, which almost always mean two or more things at once. I am curious about your economy of language. The highest point of this narrative was when the students first found out that President Kennedy had been shot. Think of it in those terms, and give yourself the discipline of making writing a part of your life.

Readers learn that he wears glasses, speaks with a Southern accent, comes from Georgia, and is somewhat shy.


What Is the Theme of the Short Story “American History” by Judith Ortiz Cofer?

Some of it is due to cultural differences, such as the ridicule she receives from the girls at school. They make fun of him, too.

Yet another cause of this sense of isolation is prejudice, such as that displayed historg Eugene’s mother toward Puerto Ricans. When the door opens, it is not Eugene. You do NOT have to write the questions. College campuses all over the United States began to offer courses in multicultural studies. This makes Elena feel closer to Eugene.

Supreme Court, who served as the second governor of New Jersey. Elena lives in a new country, one in which she and her parents were not born. Tragedy can either bring prtiz together or push them apart. She has not told him that she watches him from her bedroom window, though. That’s why when people ask me to talk about writing I always talk about hisstory poem.

Who is Rosa Parks? Neighbors console one another.

They’re just completely different! At first, no one wanted to publish my poems for the same reason that they later wouldn’t publish The Line of the Sun. Her next step is to get invited into his house so she can play out the role of the woman sitting opposite Eugene at that same table. Professor Pico is considered an eminent authority on the history of Puerto Rico. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Elena wanted to be like the girls at her school and wanted to fit in, but she couldn’t because of how eummary acted and looked.

A letter from a university press said that they liked my poems, but they used too much Spanish and their audience was not necessarily bilingual. Elena’s mother is presented as an adult who is trying to steer her plof on a course that will avoid heartache.

Eugene is too Southern for the other coffr taste.