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Archived from the original on July 4, Shadow-chan Oh, actually it’s about the Company, not the magazine. Still havent not even read the manga yet! I tried to open it in the old blog but it has been terminated. I’m not a big fun of the mangaka u mentioned! Or you could arrange them again alphabetically, just as long the Titles are written together with the CD Covers. Anonymous 26 November at Ten Count Vol 4.

I’m basically already doing what you think it should be the right way! Mik mik 17 June at It is a wonderful story! Ringo Aoiro 11 February at The videomaker was Sarah Tsuda! Here u can find all the projectes we worked on so far!

Tendre que pasar largo tiempo para poder subir algunos que honestamente no fueron muchos. For what I know Yukuro will do this one! I used a text widget for it and then you can add them in using html code. For the future ones we already have raw materials for them u can visit the “things to do list”.

I think Onoe and Kaburagi may be my favourite couple ever from Natsume. Kawaii Hito Pure Series – Reuploaded. I’m discovering them now too! Roby85m 5 August at Nakano was deeply hurt. Anonymous 11 July at Lucky me I found out yaoi when I was already graduated from university and working then!

Anyway, I see season 3 ends this week, but I have no doubt there will be a season 4, so now I wonder if the three of them will have a scene together drqma one of the future episodes.


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I was only testing my new ideas Shouldnt u have more patience and respect her parxdox and efforts?!??! Sep 25, 6: You can get them from either comicomi studio, or honto. I want to watch the full version. Roby85m 24 July at Im noob is “in motion” like the animation of View finder? Are you on Mangago?? Mediafire Sanjou 3 – 4Shared 3. I’m uploading that one indeed!

Noche Yaoi

Still havent not even read the manga yet! Hi Yume, Just wondering where you purchased the manga from? You have an awesome enblish where all of you are sacrificing your precious time in your busy RL schedule to do this out of pure love!

Si he estado recordando mi blog y mas que deseo actualizar no puedo mas y mas que deseo tener un tiempo libre MEGA libre es imposible.

Let’s talk about it when it will be done! Paradoc will let u know as soon as I can! But if u want to know the title of every single titles u only need to leave the cursor for just one second and the title will appear! Anonymous 26 January at For the footballer, see Takashi Kondo footballer.

Hitome Attara Koi ni Hana – Reuploaded. They are so attraent and goodlookin. I will wait as long as necessary: If only this one had a drama CD I would be dead! Comicomi studio only sends out via EMS though they sometimes have special tokuten with it.


It’s ameirro a solid plot and characters as well as the romance and smut aspect. Ahahah happy to know u liked it! Anonymous 5 September at Cold Blood Kissy 21 December at Datte Maou-sama wa Kare ga Kirai 2: Roby85 m 14 September at I will talk to Kissy and see what she thinks to do!

Ameiro Paradox & Ikasama Memori – chocolatemix

With big pleasure I will add this to my list and start working on it soon! I’ll try to come by and say hi often or at least thank you for all of the work that you do. On parados other hand, Nakano just wants to draw the line between them. Well, congratulations on completing school. We will make our best here and out of here too!

BL Drama Aarin For whatever info u can comment down here, I hope to be able to reply as soon as I can! Anonymous 13 October at Thanks, I love this blog too! Anyway, I will not lie to u saying I will do it right now I think but I may be wrong, that the manga is marked still as ongoing right? Solo publico lo que me gusta y recomiendo, tambien dificil paardox buscar depende.