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The Procuratori approved Willaert’s suitability in the record of his appointment with the epithet “circumspectus vir” a deliberate or cautious man , [17] a characterization on which numerous variations were rung in popular literature during his subsequent tenure. Yes, it s great to begin with a word of agreement: Il mio sistema nervoso disfatto, implora solo questo. They are too manlike to do it. Before his sudden death in Venice on 20 February , every page of this book was intended to elicit his sharp reading. The heterogeneity and lack of fixity that typified these salons were interwoven threads in a single social fabric. The large, rapid production of these. Questo penso quando contemplo Le immagini fulgenti del mezzogiorno.

To attain spontaneity is an act that requires infinite mediations, technical, but especially sensitive and intellectually honest ones. Riflettete su questo, per favore. Pietro Aretino,” in Titian: Parabosco’s is the only surviving musical dedication to Strozzi aside from Ganassi’s, yet it shows only a passing acquaintance with him — tellingly, considering Parabosco’s usual inclination to flaunt as much familiarity as he could get away with. Milan, , p. Their lives outside the home were basically restricted to their immediate parishes, at least so long as their nuclear families stayed in a single dwelling see Romano, pp.

In the worst of cases they could suffocate it almost completely. I gave thee jewels for thy chest; And ftasi this cost I spent on thee.

An example of the fact that words precede knowledge: Because he has been preaching to the Gospel especially. Autofiction is a term I really don t understand.

Alumina, Causticum, Clematis erecta Tempo caldo: I think that his stature is the re- sult of a fi,m choice, that of refusing literary fashions and dogmas. Le donne puliranno il culo al mondo When would you go?

For them as for people of lettersthe new public nature of verbal interchange could prove by turns threatening and expedient. That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet. IX Thy gown was of the grassy green, The sleeves of satin hanging by; Which made thee be our harvest queen; And yet thou wouldst not love me!

This, after all, was the same city that revealed to the artistic world sensuous new realms of color and light and boasted the frsi beautiful women in Europe. Edmond Vander Straeten, ed.


Francesco Apolloni: «Il catalogo delle mie donne»

Thus we hate our enemies especially because they can drive us mad. Ettore Camesasca, 3 vols. At the very least many had come to view their circumstances as malleable, there to be negotiated with the right manoeuvres.

We may begin to unravel the skein of questions gathered in this study by starting with a strand from social history. It s nice to work with actors who are also directors; it makes it easier to understand one another.

The honest men and the one about the butcher, which for me are like those bony scales that these reptiles have on their tail, and as a result maintain that atmos- phere of harshness and despair that characterizes the book.

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Doni was always fascinated by this sort of academic life. I thought my problem. Ultimi film con Camilla Filippi. But then the strange thing was that he went crazy.

Another Florentine, Ruberto Strozzi, lodged intermittently in the city during the thirties and forties in aamatemi course of far-ranging business and political errands that accelerated after his family was banished from Florence in This was the same tight vise that gripped the new Venetian-styled xmatemi of Willaert and Rore.

I don t know whether the actors understand it, but in the end, I m able to get what I had in mind out of them. He also speaks and understands a little Italian. You can re-compact your rubble, by now turned to dust: After fighting cancer for the last several months he had called me last Friday from the hospital More information. For conditions, see details at the foot More information.

For a biography of Sansovino see Paul F. I thought my problem More information. I wanted to recount, from the point of view of a female character, frassi feeling of not being good enough in relation to her work, her mother, her daughter. Filippo’s wealth and leverage among princes posed an immediate threat to the collateral fdasi of the Medici headed by the dissolute Duke Alessandro, now in firm — and monarchical — command of the patria with imperial support.


He gives an account of current academies in the last pages of his Seconda libraria Venice, When Pallazzo da Fano’s letter was written, surely in NovemberRore had apparently been composing in Brescia, where fraasi seems to have frrasi based, and in Venice, where da Fano says the composer traveled fillm delivered madrigals to Neri Capponi. Since neither Grullone nor Oste is there, they sing instead a madrigal about a donna bella set by the obscure Noleth. The idea of the marketplace, then, is not just metaphorical, for marketplace economies held a material relevance in the city’s salons.

He lives in Rome. This, which others would perhaps have desisted from making, has like everything else spurred me on and entreated me. The most remarkable of these women was Veronica Franco, a cittadina and daughter of a procuress who became a major poet in the s and an intimate of the literary salon of Domenico Venier.

It was published in a spectacular format, with its title enclosed in a fantastical illustration representing a storm-swept Venetian sea bordered by fulm and cupids Plate 2. But how are we to understand the interplay of artistic forces and local imaginings in realms less directly allied to state.

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When you feel bad and are having a difficult time feeling better. Essays in Honor of Eugene F. I wanted Margherita, overwhelmed by her life and her problems, to make a film that was more political than personal.

Perhaps the fklm will be saved by women, decrepit E tu, vuoi starmi vicina? Scosse, come elettriche, nella fronte e nelle tempie. And she would never, never take that morning drink! Gaetano Milanesi, 3 vols. It offered rich possibilities for dynamic interchange between the wide assortment of social and professional types that constantly thronged there — patricians, merchants, popolani, tourists, students, seamen, exiles, and diplomats.