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I recommend you use a star mapping site to find your constellations. I can’t believe what a sourpuss he turned out to be. The image changes to a sleeping pose. The submit button may appear before you have closed the circuit, but make sure to complete the circuit before submitting. The Gatherer Go to the farmhouse , the docks , the quarry , or the tomb it’s different for everyone Return to the quarry , and enter the back link again along the path by the tree. Fer Keyring 1, points.

Go to Lenny’s office, and click on the vase. He will tell you that you need some grease. Stylish Scroll Rack 15, points. Check the inflation rate, and multiply it by one hundred. Sorry if you thought that job would go to you, but that’s not how it works. Return to Lenny, and click on the Petpet. No Longer Stranded in the Desert 75 points.

You are not worthy enough to pass!

Make sure to put your badge in your safety deposit box. They are pruze less being distributed by the Gift Shop of Trinkets shopkeeper. Click all the other Statue’s breastplates.

Click on each one of the lower two rows of windows This post has been edited by a plpt of staff Spritzie because of a violation of the forum rules. Anubis Toxicology Reports Abridged 60, points. This is my club!


SunnyNeo – Altador Plot – Prizes

Refresh until bandages appear. And shhop all, this wasn’t on the scale of what happened to the Lost Desert, or what will soon be happening in–” He stops. Altador Cup Mug – Mystery Island 30 points. Make sure to close the bottom part before submitting.

A new window will open up showing the front-side of the Statue; click the top edge. The next few images simply show you how to navigate the heavens.

Click any of the six gems on the medallion to get the constellation. Team Meridell Cap wearable 50 Points. It takes a few seconds to set up Except on the statue, the flames are stone, just like the rest of it.

Finally, my legacy will continue.

Please be advised that this whole section pertaining to the water plant is very random and different for everyone This must be where the Archivist keeps getting his replacements! Welcome to myTDN, guest!

Altador Cup Mug – Roo Island 30 points. And just as he does, they jump him, and a struggle ensues! Since about 2 weeks I can’t get a daily prize in the Council Chamber, for my participation in the Altador plot, when clicking on the statue of King Altador.


By zvirFebruary 2, in Altador Plot. The Sleeper If you are just beginning the plot, make sure to complete ALL the previous steps before starting here.

Altador Cup Mug – Meridell 30 points. Bring your rock from the basement.

Altador Cup VI

The Farmer Return to Altador and go to the farmhouse. However, it did not erase her memory of having conquered Altador in the first place, for this was something she had secretly desired since before the kingdom was even founded.

Alas, the magic in the Book of Ages does not seem to be connected to anything else, so priae is of no use to us in unraveling this mystery.

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Altador Plot Prizes

Altador Cup Mug – Kreludor 30 points. Water Paint Brush Points Not exclusive. Nevertheless, we do have your rewards.