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Use dmy dates from December Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Listening games for pre-school children. In “Prank” she discovered a red clown nose and played jokes on all of the other Alphablocks. His ‘w-w-w’ sound is wailing. As the zombies close in, Jamie, Sam and Abbey venture into the mine and make a discovery. This new show takes on a similar approach to Alphablocks , though with numbers instead of the letters of the alphabet.

Light blue with blue shoes. Her ‘ffff’ sound is used to represent the sound of a rocket-pack attached to her. She can appear and disappear by making a popping noise and it can scare the others when they are busy. Retrieved 10 April She looks like a penguin , but thinks she is a jay bird. She likes to sing and help the other vowels.

His ‘w-w-w’ sound is wailing. Retrieved from ” https: A baby seagull is in need of rescuing. He is the oldest Alphablock with a walking stick cane and can sleep almost anywhere reflecting the “zzz” sound commonly used to represent the sound of sleeping or snoring in comic books.

She has a habit of trilling the ‘R”s in her words, which also reflects ‘typical’ pirate speech alhpablocks her letter sound.

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In “Sleep” all he wanted to do is to rest his sleepy head, but the other Alphablocks had other plans in mind. Series 2 broadcast in “.

In “Clap” she became depressed when she questioned her status as a letter, because she makes the same sound as soft C. He refers to his name as “Tea”. She is K’s sister. In fact, he is the second-busiest Alphablock in Alphaland. Filter by Filter by. Stimulus Sounds — Journeys Listening games for pre-school children. Busy bodies, cosy toes The first of four dance sessions exploring aspects of the ‘winter wonderland’.


She has a plaster Band-Aid on her cheek and apples keep falling on her hiw. Archived from the original on 14 April She can inflate and deflate and fly about. In “Band”, he plays an N-shaped electric guitar.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pete Hillier presents the first part of an exciting dance story. In “Plusman”, he became Plusman when he accidentally hit his head on the ceiling, causing his letter shape to go all wonky and turn into a plus sign, and he turned red with a different personality.

She looks like a pirate reflecting the stereotypical “arrrrrr” pirate exclamationand she has a tomboy personality. Like AlphablocksIt is also animated by Blue-Zoo. Series 2 originally ran in the UK from February to March Her ‘ffff’ sound is used to represent the sound of a rocket-pack attached to her.

Retrieved 10 April He perseveres even if he has trouble doing things. Languages Simple English Edit links.

She plays the bass guitar and is D’s younger sister. Blue Zoo Animation Studio. He cries when he gets hurt or when he is upset, causing floods everywhere. Lime green with silver-white beard.


Bow JanuaryNumberblocks debuted on CBeebies. His ‘v-v-v’ sound is his “vroom”. Home A-Z Genres Formats. He is C’s brother. He is a racing driver who is very fast with his steering wheel and has feathers on his arms. Her singing can be too loud sometimes but the Alphablocks really like her singing.

He also becomes Magic E who is seris with a top hat and a black ninja outfit to make the other vowels say their names. Sometimes he fights with her because the hard C makes the same sound as K. He is dressed up as a chef and likes to eat things even things that are not food which makes him quite greedy. His ‘eh’s echo from the megaphone he uses. Blue and white with orange ‘beak’.

He does not speak, only being able to make his “o” sound, but he likes to investigate lots of things with his magnifying glass.

He always runs away from Q probably because she wants to be quite quarrelling.

There is also Silent E. Thursday 12 October Maths Challenge — Maths Challenge 1Adding and subtracting two-digit numbers Ralph van Dijk has the questions and the subject of today’s quiz is the addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers.