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The field of sunflowers, in the end, suggests the return to the paradise and the conquest, finally, of the happiness. The struggle of the men’s village to bring Alexnader back in line, of else the worlds order will turn into chaos is the daily struggle many of us view daily between our will to be free spirits and the pressure of life. You can look it up. Jabberwock 3 June Just an FYI for those who have compatible machines. This is a strangely great film. It’s now many years after I wrote the review above. One can only hope that there is a vault somewhere that contains a decent print of the film and that the owners will see fit to preserve it.

And falling in love with the unacclaimed. He suggested to leave work fallow and to devote free time to rest and leisure which enabled a beneficial development for the individual. At the level of the quality in Robert’s filmography, “Alexandre le Bienheureux” is just a few notches below Robert’s flicks I previously mentioned. The wonderful Marlene Jobert makes an amazing Agathe. Maybe it was the dog. This one is at the top of the pile for sure.

The obedience to the woman and the undercover values Who works is noble, God helps the hard workers, the buzzer and the ant, etc. Audible Download Audio Books.

With the help of his intelligent dog, Alexandre prepares his bedroom as a place where he will survive happily arranging everything he needs and having the dog do the menial errands for the supplies he wants from the village store. A fable, a parable, an examination of the human condition, and a must see for anyone thinking of getting married.

Thanks for reminding me of it! He cannot stop because his wife, whom he calls La Grande, has a way of reminding him not to slacken on his duties. Bienhureux the intervention of something simple and very primitive a little dog can break the secular slavery the one that is submitted the masculine species. One of the most delightful movies I have seen in my life.

Naturally, Alexandre resents this nagging woman to the point that he can well do without her. fremch

Subtitles Very Happy Alexander

subtihles This film follows the best tradition of the french comedy, managing outrageous, hilarious, unbelievable situations, yet without succumbing to cheap humour or to any kind of vulgarity.


Yves Robert passed away three years ago and any cine buff remembers him for his towering achievements that are: So the soundtrack was all new!

I suppose Yves Robert did the same for his movie.

Left alone to his own devices, Alexandre’s erases the chores his wife had assigned him to do on a blackboard, writing “Sleep, sleep, and SLEEP”, which he proceeds to do for a solid three days. Always pleasant to view, even after 32 years! Great film, by the way. If you’re reading this, I’ve got two more to add, if you can find them: And although it is, admittedly, a slight film and probably no one’s idea of a great cinematic masterpiece, it has more charm than 99 out of Hollywood comedies.

It is a comedy gienheureux many moments of uncontrollable hilarity. Alexander never leaves his bed as he stores the food the dog has carried home around the bed. But Laforgue shelved the negative prejudices about it. It may be that the anarchic feeling of the film dovetailed so well with our own rebelliousness of that era.

Life is simply one grand excuse to watch movies and then sit around and think about them. LCNMedia 7 March For me, this was one of those movies. Shot in central France, the impressive cinematography by Rene Mathlin shines in the copy we saw recently. But it has no importance for it kept an undeniable charm and can be watched with pleasure again. Let alone the envy they all feel about a man who suddenly is fulfilling his life by doing absolutely nothing. He comes back a changed man with a restored relationship with his wife.

This is a delightful, beautiful country farce reminiscent of a Mr. And a few funny moments in Robert’s work evoke the devastating humor coming from Tex Avery’s cartoons like the orchestra in front of Alexandre’s house.

Wish I could see it again. Anyone know how I can get a copy? No wonder the French take the glorious month of August off.

I loved this film when I first saw it so many years ago, but forgot about it as years went on. The dog walks from store to store as the store keepers fill it with groceries. This film ran continuously in Boston for years.


As hapless a driver as Alexandre is a farmer, Agathe constantly zips about in a bright red Citroen 2CV, ending in a fatality that removes both Agathe and her parents from the scene.

While my education was honed by reviewing films for Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy, The News Corporation and Knight-Ridder, my personality – or rather my taste – was shaped largely in my old neighborhood movie theater and on my parents’ living room floor. Loved this post on “Alexander,” as I remember it was titled. Philippe Noiret in the main role acts the role of Alexandre with an admirable easiness and naturalness.

One of the most important questions raised by this film is whether a partner can leave a union if the relationship is purely based on money. She is intrigued about Alexandre, being a lazy woman herself. One of the things that made this movie so appealing for me is that I am a dog person.

Needless to say, the actual sound of Noiret’s horn and the dialogue especially the kids didn’t make me enjoy it any less. It was translated into English, so I know there is some English version of it out there somewhere.

Sign in to vote. It is one of my favorite movies of all time.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Jabberwock 3 June I saw this movie in when it was released, and thought it was wonderful. It also has an extremely clever cyclical theme. Let’s hope this charming gem of a comedy is not lost forever — THAT would be a tragedy!

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Ah, to be able to do the same today! This movie is very special to us. They were masters at it. It is really about small town customs and mores and how being different subtiles a problem.