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Alyssa, 8, is also entering the pageant with hopes to claim another Gold Coast victory. Competing against her is heavy hitter Morgan, 7, and Elexis, 6, who is hoping her winning edge will be her double entry in the talent category. Distracted Bailey goes up against Daddy’s girl Riley and Kelsie who gets a mayonnaise treatment on her hair; a mother is banned. June was seen in the debut episode of her new reality series, grinding up against a young man. Top Models finds a last minute replacement for Mykel, so Landree and Addison are able to compete; Cambrie’s team struggles; one mom punches another over a rumor; by the end of the day, all three coaches end up in tears. Today’s headlines Most Read Royally in love! Danielle, 8, is very confident in her good looks and wants all eyes on her during this competition. This pageant in Salley, South Carolina, may be held in a very small town, but it draws girls from many states who have very big dreams of stardom.

Ma’Leeh, 6, is new to the glitz pageant world and four year-old Brooklyn’s mom, calls her a glitzy hillbilly. Herself – Honey Boo Boo Child. Who scared up the best scores, and who was just plain scary? Katlyn’s family prays for pageant success; Ava and her mom channel spirits; this is Iyslah’s first glitz pageant. Isabella may only be three, but her military mother makes sure every one of her routines is top notch. It will be a tough decision for these judges as they decide who is worthy of the top title.

From a gifted sportsman and scholar to a convicted child sex abuser — how one of tiaraw most powerful Catholics in the world rose through the ranks before it all came crashing down Pope’s No3 faces jail within weeks as gagging order is lifted unmasking him as cardinal convicted of sexually abusing two choirboys after catching them drinking sacramental wine ‘You’re in trouble’: Leonardo DiCaprio’s wild night out revealed: Inthe Mama June: June defended her daughter’s actions by explaining that Alana had been dancing in a college bar, not a sleazy one.

Georgia’s Most Beautiful Girls: Going for Gold

Rivals Gabby and Alaska battle on stage and off for the Ultimate title in the Fairytale Winter Pageant; local contender Ava, is confident she’s going to win despite a lack of practice.


Pageant mom Kelly throws a full glitz fit when she thinks her daughter Natalie, 2, has lost the pageant. Many island natives compete including Aaliyah, 5, whose supportive mother confidently admits she is the one to beat. Ever Rose and Adriana diet to compete against big winner Madi. How Much Have You Toddler Extra co-host Renee oozes elegance in a dazzling white tulle gown as she attends the Oscars Blac Chyna cuddles up to the daughter she has with Rob Kardashian The parents of six-year-old pageant queen Honey Boo Boo have been accused of child abuse, according to a new report.

Plus Size Famous People.

Large prizes and lots of cash draw many contestants to the America’s Trezured Dollz pageant in Nashville, Tennessee. But mom Tanya Perez has a secret weapon: Cassidy is back from season two, and competition heats up as only one beauty will be worthy of the High Point title. Actor says he’s ‘single’ Maduro lashes out at America after Pence toddlrs more sanctions against Venezuelan socialist leader’s inner circle ‘The wealthy are definitely undertaxed’: Skyler has been preparing with her mother non-stop and will be taking on the role of a cop in her new outfit of choice.

Married at Allanna Sight. This first annual pageant brings in girls of all ages from all over Georgia, and range from full glitz to au naturale. It must be his Oscar the Grouch talent routine! Mackenzie, Damitri’ana and Lacy Mae will go to Earth’s end to win with an around-the-world theme. North Carolina holds high-end pageants where the glitz and glitter get you the gold. Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? Describing how the drink made her feel, Alana said: Isabella may only be three, but her military mother makes sure every one of her routines is top notch.

Also entering the competition is Sara, 4, who takes epsiode to a new level with professional hair and makeup, and the Sprinkle Sisters, who are a triple threat to beat at ages 6, 8 and Would you like to view this in our UK edition? This pageant in the small coal-mining town of Inez, Kentucky draws kids from numerous states to give them the opportunity to “make dreams come true one crown at a time.

Little Miss Glitz in Tampa, Florida brings great competition ttoddlers all over the country!


Herself – Guest on ‘Sam Rubin’. Also making a play for the crown is Halia, 9, who has been preparing for months to shine at the biggest pageant of her career. Edit Did You Know? The child has been shown to feast on roadkill and ample sugary sweets on several occasions.

How Honey Boo Boo and Mama June First Captured Viewers’ Hearts

Who knows child stars better than two child talent agents? June left has arguably become more of a focus in the reality show than her beauty pageant star daughter right. The matriarch, whose nickname then was “Coupon Queen,” gave an inside look at their home life and explained some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of child pageants.

Duchess of Sussex stuns in a blue Carolina Herrera gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco Royally in love! Kailia, has performing in her blood, as her Vegas performer parents groom her to be a star. Pageant season begins with blood, snot and vomit as Cambrie’s Court clashes with their rivals, the Sassy Supremes.

List of Toddlers & Tiaras episodes – Wikipedia

Guitars, puppies and savings bonds are all at stake at this year’s Queens and Kings of America Pageant in Louisiana. Diamond, 4, and mom, Jeanene work hard to win over the judges. Abd director Annette Hill outdoes herself once again in Austin, Texas! Toddlers and Tiaras Herself. Cruz, 22 months, is his mother’s “million dollar baby” with looks that can steal any judge’s heart.

Her biggest competition is the spunky Traven, 6, who wows the audience with his performances. Watch pageant beauties SamiJo, 1, Jacklynn, 4, and Alexis, 5, all vie for the top crown and find out who todxlers this year’s fanciest face! Katlyn’s family prays for pageant success; Ava and her mom channel spirits; this is Iyslah’s first glitz pageant. Come pageant day, both teams are fired up and ready for the battle.

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