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Love that Jimmy also realizes that if he hadn’t gone showboating around the judge’s chambers in the first place, Kima wouldn’t be in this dire situation. He may stick to the letter of the law by excusing himself before those two actively begin discussing whom they need to kill, but Maury’s the one strongly suggesting they have that conversation in the first place. Posted by Alan Sepinwall at 9: For me, Season 2 took a wee bit to get going but once it did, things started motoring on. My take was that Daniels then intentionally left them out of the loop while they haplessly waited outside Nick’s house. I think I have the fondest memories of 3, and it definitely has three of my favorite scenes in the history of the show, but if I were to sit down and watch, Season 4 is probably better. I really am still haunted by this episode, even a year or so after I originally saw it. Ok, the “Greek” wasn’t arrested and the Game goes on it always does

Their jobs will not save these people. The fight scene and the balcony scene between Avon and Stringer, McNulty baring his soul to Kima in the car “she looked through me” and gutted when Stringer dies before he could cuff him, the rise of Clay Davis. So thanks for coming on the ride with me, whether you were a veteran or a newbie. I think I have the fondest memories of 3, and it definitely has three of my favorite scenes in the history of the show, but if I were to sit down and watch, Season 4 is probably better. It’s just such a good show, how could I possibly have limited myself like that! As the man whom David Simon credits the most with helping come up with the series’ visual style, Colesberry unsurprisingly was a natural in his first stint in the director’s chair; I especially love the shot of the stevedores standing over Frank’s corpse, and the way Nick’s confession to the cops is shot with Frank’s photo directly over his shoulder, with the shot shifting focus between the living nephew and the dead uncle at various points.


‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 12 – ‘Mission Accomplished’ (Veterans edition)

I just never comment because I don’t have anything to really add beyond your analysis – you often point out things that I gloss over, such as the frequent parallels. But this is a time when caution is called for, not hasty showboating — the Lester Freamon philosophy instead of the Ervin Burrell approach — and we all know who has the decision-making power here, srason we?

Behind the wirf, it’s giddyap Zack Morris Reader mail: Add in Season 1, which was essentially about the police. The Hangover Band of Brothers rewind, episode 6: How could anyone complain about Season Three Prez goes into teaching, and I was surprised to rewatch his farewell scene with Lester.

sire Don’t mess with Mrs I think most fans will agree to this order: Alan, just wanted to thank you once again for posting these. So… this is it. You can’t go home ag This blog has moved!

‘The Wire’: Links for reviews to every episode

His writeups of Season 3, the middle piece of the Wire puzzle, has now begun! So what’s he supposed to do?

They only discover the correct hotel because Lester and Bunk are able to scare Sergei with the death penalty, and the timetable on them seqson all the evidence to make that work wasn’t really affected by Frank’s death, was it?

It’s been greatly appreciated! And it definitely stuck with me. Twitter Updates Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. The Wire the latter would lose, but even this early into the third season I agree – it’s frickin’ brilliant. I was just noticing the dearth of comments as Wite scrolled down. Here, I think I’m less invested albeit it was hard to see Wallace, Dee and Frank getting killeddespite the excellent performances and scripts.


‘The Wire’: Links for reviews to every episode

Paul, I wrote those reviews as each episode initially aired, so they’re more or less Newbie style. Clarence Royce, on the other hand, learns a very different lesson from Hamsterdam: Get Me Out of Here: The way that Sobotka’s seeason being dredged up while all the stevedores stood around staring, dumbfounded, was absolutely horrible to watch. Cancellations, cliffhangers, and more Posted by Alan Sepinwall at 7: So I began blogging the show with that fourth season, and when the series was coming to an end, I decided that the best way to cope with its absence thee my life would be to go back and fill in the blanks from the three seasons that aired pre-blog.

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Just my two cents. And so we’ve come to the end of our look back at “The Wire” season two, and that means it’s the last time for this sepinwal, anyway that I’ll have to tell you that we’re doing this in two slightly different versions: Where my Cheese at?

Because I had watched season 4 in its entirety before I reviewed any of it, some people complained that some of the early reviews were too colored by what I knew was coming. Mad Men, “Flight 1”: Looking forward to the remaining seasons. Friday Night Lights lives?