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Based on the six episodes Cinemax sent out for review in advance of Friday night’s premiere, it’s in many ways the Strike Back fans knew and loved the first time out. Heigl won’t be on anybody’s ballot, but who Newark Star-Ledger Posted Jul 10, As one of the newer shows, Alan reviewed every episode as it aired. Read More Posted Mar 15, Robbin’ Season TV, Read More Posted Mar 29,

Season 2 Finale Preview Mad Men: There’s also one other pretty significant violation of the no unnatural music rule in season 2 when Frank walking to his death with the Greek music in the background. Friday Night Lights lives? My Boys, “The Transitioning”: A broad smile crosses [this critics’] face upon thinking about the animated tale of the man who dreamed he was a butterfly or vice versa , and how that led into more disturbing explanations of how an innocuous thought can lead to madness. Adapted from a comic book by former Lost writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach I remember looking up Prez after this episode and being disgusted that he was in all five seasons considering he was just reprehensible in “The Detail”. This is also the first episode in which someone utters “cases go from red to black by way of green” or some small variation thereof.

Log in with Facebook. There’s also the duo of Herc and Carver, Kima’s crude, knuckle-headed and knuckle-dragging Narcotics partners who enable Prez’s assault on the kid by deciding to go down to the high-rises in the first place while drunk at 2 in the morning.

The Return of Alan Sepinwall’s Writeups on The Wire

My feelings wont be too hurt if this post gets deleted or ignored. But this is no collection of bad-ass gunfighters or noble superheroes. Same dialogue used in 2 situations: As is my understanding, rollers uniformed police roll up with sirens blazing, whereas knockos plain clothes narcotics officers come knocking on your door. Moore Battlestar Galactica finale Ronald D. Read More Posted Mar 29, I was always surprised that Levy never worked out that it was Herc who got Marlowe’s phone number.


This is a nice callback to season one. Not that it’s invalid criticism but if you are summarizing a show that ran for 5 seasons, focusing on one storyline from one season seems indulgent.

I may just race through, watch all 4 or 5 if it comes out before I’m done seasons and then just re-watch each episode on Thursday night before you post the review. Read More Posted Feb 22, Another of those comes during the seoinwall interrogation scene at Homicide. How does a smart, mature man like Bunny deal with a completely upside-down world that produces these boys?

Read More Posted Apr 19, On one side is Burrell, who just wants this Barksdale mess to disappear and is setting Daniels up to fail by ensuring that he gets assigned all the aforementioned humps.

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In Plain Sight, “Hoosier Daddy”: Newer Post Older Post Home. If you want some deep 22 of the credits sequence, Andrew Dignan did a nice breakdown of the first four seasons’ sequences at The House Next Door back in ‘ I haven’t watched this episode recently, but I think McNulty’s use of the term “knockos” is a reference to Richard Price’s Clockers one of The Wire’s primary influences, and an excellent read instead of an accent lapse.

Re-watching these epsiodes, you realize how well planned out the storyline really was all episoe shows pale in comparision in regards to this, and it’s not even close.

Newark Star-Ledger Posted Jul 10, Read More Posted Mar 15, The series continues to be a beautifully composed portrait of the ugliest human impulses made manifest. It has so much going for it on paper — notably Mary-Louise Parker as a pot-dealing soccer mom — but the series’ creators remain so pleased with themselves that they’re rarely as funny as they obviously think they are.


In Plain Sight, “Trojan Horst”: Just launched a new version of my site.

Season 2 Finale Preview Mad Men: It’s this same hunger for power and control which leads to the bodies and bloodshed that McNulty bemoaned. Breaking Bad finale, revisited Breaking Bad: When Levy comes in to shut D up, he complains that he has been pulled away from his wife’s brisket.

He spends most of the first episode either trying to get high or being high. Interesting considering how things end up for these four people.

Alan, this is great stuff, and is really making a crappy, strike torn tv season seem a distant memory and helping to pass the summer tv doldrums.

My Boys, “The Shirt Contest”: A scream, in the biting Britcom tradition of “Fawlty Towers” and the best depiction of middle management hell since Mike Judge’s cult classic “Office Space.

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Baltimore seems to have a set of slang all to itself. I Am the Night.

Bubbs has finally figured out how to make money in The Game, by snitching and selling t-shirts, but all Johnny wants to do is keep running capers and risking beatings or worse. His three cops have just done something completely FUBAR, and something that has terrible racial overtones, even with Carver present — note how he refers to the high-rise residents to Daniels — but what can Daniels do?