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Sorry for the off topic post but You must log in or sign up to reply here. Here they are, Your Honorable Mentions. Matsui Rena and Kawaei Rina grad 3. AKB48 10th anniversary 7. Sayanee song 4. NMB release war and the music cards Spring Shuffle 43rd Single Senbatsu announcement and idol necromancy Team A 7th stage announcement and highly dramatized “Aki-P’s struggle” promotional video. Mar 30, Location:

Takamina’s graduation concert delayed until March. Sae’s graduation announcement 5. You must log in or sign up to reply here. NGT48’s announcement and subsequent delay 9. Matsui Rena Graduation 2. Shuffles and drafts aren’t big deals any more. Matsui Rena graduation 3. Mar 24, Location:

Majisuka 4,5 and 0 8. Kawaei Rina’s graduation 4. Takamina’s graduation concert delayed until March. Hiragana Keyakizaka46 and Nagahama Neru. ForrestFullerDec 26, Some unexpected graduation Nagao Mariya, Uchiyama Natsuki 8.

Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did! Matsui Rena graduation 3. Greatest Nickname January 31, Something I’m going to do at the end of the month Let you guys know about the next months episodes.

Nov 9, Location: Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai bringing quality back to AKB singles for the first time in 4 years. Yes, my password is: Takamina participates in SSK 6.


(121003) AKBINGO! Episode 206

Grads in 43rd single 5. HogwartsHokageDec 22, Tomu ranking in Senbatsu Unofficial death of the Janken Taikai. Matsui Rena graduation 2. Shuffles and drafts aren’t big deals any more.

Also, rewatching some of 20 older episodes makes me wish they’d do some of the older muchaburi again. Nogi doing so well and keep outselling themselves 7.

Yamada Nana Graduation 6. Nogidan performed in Taiwan. Yamada Nana’s graduation 6. Single sjb the graduates. Kawaei Rina graduation 6. Sakura into Kami7 2. Sae’s graduation announcement 5. CenterDec 23, AKB 10th anniversary 3. End of 1st Week Million Sales. Takamina’s grad being postponed even tho I think a lot of us saw it coming I had some hope lol 6.

() AKBINGO! Episode – AIDOL

Tomochin tagging Nyan in the face has to rank up there. Nogizaka’s 7 and a half hour concert in Seibu Dome. Kawaei Rina graduation 2.

Tani Marika eub finally 2. AKB 43rd single line-up announcement 2. Nov 22, Location: New stage finally Team A only, but something is better than nothing I guess lol 9. End of 1 million streak in a week 5. Mar 30, Location: Kawaei Rina Graduation 7.


Yamada Nana graduation 7.

Million in fng week streak being broken 5. Nogizaka’s long awaited Kouhaku appearance 3. Marieyu48Dec 22, Fujita Nana winning the Janken 3. Feb 1, Location: End of the Million Strike 8. Miyazawa Sae graduation announcement. Paruru out of Kami7 5. Paruru centering BokuTaka best song of the year for me Milky ranking 12 at ssk Kitarie ranking 11 at ssk Churi and tomu entering senbatsu Ricchan’s graduation AKB48’s 10th Anniversary Graduates back for the 10th Anniversary Takamina ranking 4 at ssk Next single senbatsu announcement.

Akbinyo, and the million streak finally ending. AKB48 10th anniversary 7. Results for our 11th Annual Stage48 Member Ranking are being revealed! Takamina centering KnBMB 3.