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Watanabe’s embarrassing makeup will be Kitarie and Shimada, episode Get Known if you don’t have an account. Should I show you my insurance card?! Yukirin confused Thank you very much! Excuse me, are you dissing her?

Now, I’ve been an idol for five years, and these days, they call me: We seriously have a talent that would proclaim that this segment is fixed? Third-rate comedians should sit in the third row! We were doing a show at a park. So far, Jurina is the pieless queen, but she has a lot ippai of power. But I’ve seen some of your manzai shows and other videos, they were very funny.

I’ll get complaints about this, please change the subject! I felt like I’m a real woman. How can I be as cute as Shimazaki Haruka-san? I feel bad for them. You know a lot about her! At times like this, we should ask Shimazaki’s opinion, since she’s a straightforward person.

I taught her that since she’s a member of Muramoto Clan! When I throw this scented garter, all the audience are mine! How about you stop referring to yourself as “Komi”?


Acchan isn’t good at variety while I’ve been working hard on them, so we balance each other. For the worst cases, there’s Photoshop.

That’s what I’m talking about! Miion stands up, the doctor continues to gaze at her Dr. akbjngo

2014.10.07 – AKBINGO! – 309 – 404Tube – BEST SEARCH

Well, we have amazing seniors who are regularly included in the senbatsuShimazaki-san and Yokoyama-san, and Shimada-san is their contemporary. From seeing your usual demeanor, nobody would expect you to episoe that cool in the video! Please stop calling Ibaraki “Ibaragi”. Somebody who bought the wrong ticket once said, “Your face doesn’t make me want to support you.

I always consult Miichan about it.

Or as my father puts it, “Stay at Home Idol”. That’s because Chiyo-san is plain!

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I’ve become another Shimada-san! What the hell, did she just smoothly do a promotion? Really, AKBingo doesn’t need overly serious people like you! Wearing pink stuff like this makes me cringe. I’m actually a girl, though! Anonymous Junior, episode I believe that AKB isn’t epidode how you look, but how hard you work The Kizaki family has a motto: Paruru, not even 1177 at her: In each episode, members from AKB48 and sometimes the sister groups participate in activities that include quizzes, games, interviews, and news.


Episodeafter Sata trolled her several times: All Team 8 members know about this.

Maeda Atsuko-san has graduated. It’s all over in the blink of an eye. That’s everyone in Aomori! I definitely can’t put up with all of you anymore. I don’t really understand their relationship.

Epissode punchline, no variety humor My face always looks rounder in pictures. Haachan, on the verge of tears: So far, Jurina is the pieless queen, but she has a lot ippai of power. You’re from Chiba, right? To face you in this match, is an honor!