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January 11 P2 Concept and work flow were updated. Micro SD Slot to record proxy files. September 10, Preliminary product information was updated. The promotional video of the AW-HR was added. January 6 Brochures were updated. Is there more than one? May 23 AV-HS was updated. April 1 50 Series was updated.

August 21 P2 Compatibility Table was updated. Latest Firmware of VariCam 35 was updated. Also, has anyone installed and used it yet, for 60p shooting? AF owners have the chance to upgrade to it, but it’s a paid upgrade. Macro Editing Function supported etc. What I have is the ACP. March 19 Firmware updates ver.

Memory card camera recorder “P2 cam” AJ-PX with superb picture quality, high mobility, and excellent cost performance to be released.

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October 9th, CzechRepublic ” was added. Also can you direct me to a discussion thread about the autofocus issues with the AC? The color of the picture in rirmware LCD display has been improved. Live Streaming Production Center from Panasonic! April 8 Brochures were updated. September 1 P2 Compatibilty Table was updated.

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August 24 Brochures were updated. I’m not at all aware of them, despite being registered with Panasonic. I’d actually like to get it, but it’s a pita since I have to drive way out of my way to buy it.


October 22 The new P2 Viewer Plus viewing software was added. February 10 Users Report was updated. Is it a newer or earlier version than ACA? Skip to main content. The firmware update addresses this to some degree. August 30, P2 Compatibility Table was updated. None of those added features were promised when those products first rolled out.

Leave this field blank. April 19 News and Information was updated.

September 18th, Apace section of the Holdan website updated to show how Apace’s solutions can enhance your broadcast and post production workflows. September 6 VariCam 35 [Website] was updated.

July 11, The July edition of “VariCam lineup catalog” was updated. It seems to behave like a DSLR quick focus Cookies We use cookies to help us offer you the best online experience. In terms of noise and clarity, they compare very favorably to 5D files.

Hi Barry Can you tell me more about the other 2 upgrades for the AC? I think the issue is that FCP doesn’t support 60P as of yet. July 15 P2 Compatibility Table was updated. Have you ever seen anything like this? February 12 The special website for the professional full HD 3D system was updated. Click here to download Firmware Version 1.


Sign in with Facebook Sign in with LinkedIn. April 23, News and Information was updated. P2 Line-up was updated. Mine just came today and I just installed it. The new VariCam Pure was added. June 24 AG-AC7 was added.

September 14, Preliminary product information was updated. December 20 AG-AFseries information was updated.

Panasonic AF100 Firmware Update 1.15 Major Problem.

P2 card and REC Compatibility chart was added. June 13 VariCam 35 [Latest Firmware] was updated. Hey Jan, I tried emailing as well as calling you, but to no avail. Don’t really have an answer for you. This comment form is under antispam protection. P2 driver was updated to support Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version or later.

The promotional video of the AW-HR was added.