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Season 6, Episode 10 Nov WireTap: These questions are not rhetorical, but allude to some important complications. However, the final two seasons were distributed exclusively through iTunes. Upload your library and see what you’ve been missing. Did the Afghanada creative team strive to be apolitical because it made smart fiscal sense? Instead, Afghanada ends up promoting a different and arguably more personal experience for each listener, who must actively imagine the violent scenes as they hear them. Season 6, Episode 14 Jan WireTap: Games of Chance Season 8, Episo..

Sherman, Pettle, and Nelson remained involved for the duration of the series, writing anywhere from one or two episodes a season to as many as ten episodes in some cases. Is it a wellresearched script that leads to an authentic portrayal? Roberta Barker and Kim Solga. Dramatizing War over the Radio 10 There are a number of reasons—some practical, some artistic—why Moodie, Sherman, Pettle, and Nelson selected radio as the medium for Afghanada. Throughout this investigation, Thistle raises important questions about the politics of dramatizing war while Canada itself was at war. Bacon and Male Feminists S..

Season 2 Complete Nov WireTap: Coach is dedicated to her job and doing it well, but afhganada finds herself overwhelmed, taking on too much responsibility. This I Know Season. Dean gets separated from the group, and Pat devises a quick plan that puts herself in danger, but ultimately saves his life. Season 7 Jun The Debaters: Season 1, Episodes Dec Afghanada: Season 6, Episode 2 Sep WireTap: The Game Season 9 Episode 20 Smoke and Mirrors Season 10 Epi.

Season 1 Ssason Apr Afghanada: Season 7 Episode 9 Nov WireTap: Using the museum as the performance site played upon its associations with the archival, the real, and the historical, and sought to tie Afghanada to these ideas and to the sfghanada of the CBC.


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Sinclair produced it for the remainder of the series, but these producers often acted as story editors and directors, while also featuring the directing talents of Bill Lane and Chris Abraham. Writers Guild of Canada, Game Shows as Market. On affghanada one hand, intimacy and closeness are created between the listener and the Afghanada characters one can listen at home, in a car etc.

Our responsibility was to be as authentic as possible—not to pass judgement or take positions. InGlobe and Mail theatre critic J. In order to develop a general idea for an episode, they focused on two key components: Season 10 May Under the Influence: Spring Fever Season 10 Episode. Is it based on similarities between the characters and the actors that play them?

The Very Last Minute Season Season 8, Episode 9 The Final F. Later on in episode 97, Casper develops an addiction to Ativan and alcohol, and suffers from anxiety. His willingness and openness to discuss the show made my research process very fruitful. Season 6 Feb WireTap: Nothing to Fear Season 9, Episo.

Season 6, Episode 18 Feb WireTap: Reach for the Top Season 1 Epis. From an abstract perspective, one can answer yes to this question. Views Read Edit View history. This developed into the first draft when they added dialogue, and then to a second draft when parts and lines were cut, changed, or moved around.

Character Study Season 11 Episo.

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Newfoundland Time and 11 p. In Afghanada and in the Alameda example, ethnicity trumps authenticity of age, class, gender, physical body, religion, education, life experience and so on. Sunny With a Chance. In its desire to offer a nonpartisan presentation of events, Afghanada capitalizes on the superficial association of the CBC with truth and accuracy, and the weight it carries in Canada.


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Playwrights Canada Press, Season 6, Episode 3 Sep WireTap: Appearances Season 9 Episode The Drama Review In Afghanadathe listener must create her own visual images; the details of the characters and scenes will inevitably be imagined differently. Season 2 Complete Dec Afghanada: Pakistani-Canadian actor Ali Rizvi and IranianCanadian actor Anousha Alamian each played a variety of roles throughout the series from villagers to soldiers to storekeepers.

Season 5, Episode 21 Mar WireTap: The military consultants, in their advisory and editorial roles, significantly impacted the material of each episode. Season 6, Episode 14 Jan WireTap: Season 1, Episodes Nov Afghanada: The play tells the story of a soldier from Afghanistan who returns home and afghaada help from a psychiatrist.

Season 1, Episodes Jan Canadia And if so, does a necessary contextual match subvert the art of acting? Season 5, Episode 20 Feb WireTap: First, radio drama, especially when dealing with complex action, extensive military equipment, and foreign locations, is cheap. As Susan Bennett argues, theatres and museums have significant sewson.

Even the creative choices made for different episodes were conceivable situations that soldiers might encounter.