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Si Yi comes home and her parents are worried about her working late and not having a life. Her sister have five failed relationships before getting married, and even mom dated three guys before marrying dad. The General Manager says his brother-in-law is filthy rich and losing a few million dollars is nothing. When Si Yi is sent by her lazy boss to get a cake for the head of their company birthday party she meets Cheng Kuan when she accidentally splatters a cake and ruins his expensive suit. Si Yi covers for Miao Jin, saying they were reviewing it to make sure everything was correct. She offers to do it for him now if he wants.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun repeat that to each other in shock and quickly ask Si Yi how much cash they wanted for the sale. Xiao Ke checks the number and is confused. For example, Miss Rose holding the cake and breaking her heel. It always impresses me that the handsome male characters who get cake smooshed into them, or kicked in the netherparts manage to maintain their cool, or should I say, manners. I read it first and then, am able to enjoy the show much better! Si Yi sits down and wonders how to make up conversation during a non-existent monthly meeting. Unfortunately the shares have already been sold.

Hide ads with VIP. Si Yi stands outside the office of the General Ddrama and hears part of their conversation. Suddenly they are called back and the Deputy General Manager says today is a very important day for the company.

Cheng Kuan limps to sit down while Si Yi chews him out for being a pervert and stalking her to her company. Si Yi is furious and wants her money back.


Cheng Kuan sits in his apartment and thinks about the President ordering him to go to the crappy LED talwan. Si Yi happily congratulates Xiao Ke. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Cheng Kuan books it while Sheng Jun holds on for dear life in the back seat. He wants her to get reimbursed by the end of the day and return the money to him. Cheng Kuan answers the phone and its Xiao Ke calling Si Yi to go out to eat after work at the night market.

Everyone has left and Si Yi bitches out Deputy General Manager Kang for causing her to pay for a cake today and now needs to stay late to write up the minutes for the monthly meeting. Cheng Kuan pulls out a file misw documents how the son has been mismanaging the shopping center such as changing sale tags and selling expired goods.

Maybe once a few more episodes are dgama. Nothing to write home about, other than Roy Qiu stealing the show again by his precise line delivery and restrained energy. Roy Chiu Gao Cheng Kuan. Si Yi is picking out cakes at the hotel bakery and she is indecisive about which cake to pick.

Megan Lai Luo Si Yi. Though Cheryl usually is terrific in her roles. The TV is turned to an interview of management whiz Gao Cheng Kuan Roy Qiuwho at a young age is already gaining recognition for his stellar achievements at turning around failing companies.

The Deputy General Manager gives a speech about how the second half of the year the company will be profitable under the leadership of their great General Manager. Si Yi vows that she will get married within the next days. Daily All Women Adeyan. Been looking forward to it.


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Si Yi is told that the General Manager loves a particular cake from a fancy bakery at a hotel. He sighs and says yes. He reads her name out loud and she responds.

Cheng Kuan apologizes for being late but the President says its a waste of even more time to apologize. The General Manager says his brother-in-law is filthy rich and losing a few million dollars is nothing. Si Yi and Cheng Kuan have a further misunderstanding of each other when she goes to work on the weekend to catch up and he shows up in casual clothes to scope out the company. First episode began airing on July 22, and finished on December 30, with 23 episodes total.

The original title literally translates as “Miss Screws to get married” which is in reference to Megan Lai’s character name which pronunciation sounds the same as “screw” in Mandarin and Roy Chiu’s character “Gao Cheng Kuan” referring his workers as “screws”, mentioned in episode 1.

Alice in Wonder City Confucius. Cheng Kuan asks how much money they lost? He rips off his suit jacket and tosses it inside the car before getting in himself.

Tia is actually very warm and enjoyable to watch onscreen as Xiao Ke, and Megan really nails her character. Cheng Kuan is merciless and says in the business world, there are only competitors, no friends.