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I would highly recommend it. I’m glad I did. The characters, the writing and all deserve 5 stars, BUT there are some fundamental inconsistencies in the plot that annoy me enough to take 2 stars off again. In this one, Swindells follows the journey of a very unpopular schoolgirl who is often bullied for her strange clothes. This story will have you immediately gripped right from the start, all the way through to the end. Hi Azamat, This books sounds really interesting. And one rule is the most important of all:

One day Martha made a friend called Scott. Over time, their friendship develops greatly. As we soon discover, though, some of their behaviours are far more gruesome than some slight neglect when it comes to their daughter’s wardrobe. I liked Scott’s new love for Martha and his care for her. She had told him she has a sister named Mary who left years ago but still writes to her. Scott asks Martha to allow him to visit her house, but Martha refuses, as she does not want anybody in her house – her house is dim and boring, and the family doesn’t own a TV. Scott – Boy that befriends Martha and is very determined and caring.

Martha has one secret she cant tell anyone and that is Abomination.

robret I would highly recommend it. The girl’s family belongs to a sect called “the righteous” whose holier – than – thou attitude is a contradiction in itself to the cruelty and callousness they exert towards their weakest members, their children. He tells her all about Martha One day Martha made a friend called Scott. Despite this book feeling quite out of date now Blur is the ‘in’ band, you dial up using a modem to access the Internetthis world is within the grasp of contemporary teens.

It actually contains quite a few predictable moments and some very fortunate outcomes. Thanks for sharing this with us. As such, reviews cover both the plot and quality of the title, as well as the quality of the audiobook narration.


Lists swidnells This Book. Notify me of new comments via email. Yup, the book Lacey listened to some time ago.

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The ending was left to the imagination, I just hope her and Scott had their own little love story. This book is unique because it goes into a life of a girl who’s religion and the way she lives is totally different then anything I’ve heard of.

A good read for young adults that weaves together conservative agomination, bullying, and a mysterious revelation at the end of the book. Her older sister, Mary, was expelled from the swineells at age 16 for bad behavior, and now sends an occasional post card to Martha, which is promptly torn up by their father, and then retrieved and saved by Martha.

Abomination is a six-year-old child who lives in the cellar.

Sites with a short overview, synopsis, book report, or summary of Abomination by Robert Swindells. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Moral dilemmas abound in this mysterious and moving storyline.

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However, I chose it as my class novel to teach to a high ability year 7 set and they adored it. This book starts as a book about a religious cult.

To ask other readers questions about Abominationplease sign up. May 16, Lucy Dawson rated it really liked it Shelves: Although synopsia a gripping subject, the story isn’t heavy. I understand now, why I never really “got” it in school. Another Review at MyShelf.

Welcome to your new IICS website! I will be picking up more from this author. Anyone who likes a thrilling read that keeps you guessing to the end must read Abomination. You are commenting using your WordPress.


One of these day’s I’m going to read it again as an adult, for the sake of nostalgia I’m holding off at the minute.

Scott started emailing asking for Mary her sister. Later on, Scott sees Martha looking in her bag something and asked her what she is looking for, Martha tells him that she has forgotten her ruler.

Reviews tend to be short and light on plot details. Feb 19, Lucy Griffiths added it. A little bit dated but still enjoyable story about a girl growing up in a deeply religious family with a big secret hidden in the cellar With its clever twists and turns it will have you wondering, right up to the last sentence. This book is very engaging because Swindells has crafted a compelling novel with great characters and a fast action plot that will keep you reading to the last page.

This attitude leads him to defend the socially outcast girl from the bullies rendering him their next target.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: One day he abkmination her digging through her pencil pouch so he offered her his ruler.

Scott, I sometimes found spoke in a voice too mature for a year old boy, but I really liked the portrayal of their relationship.

I could not put it down. Azamat — what a great choice of book.