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Is this a joke? Ahsan Ali In electronic format. That would explain the ending, right? Get ready to read more about Salar and Imama’s life. And so it ends. Umera Ahmed boldly called out to the daylight robbing. Maybe my looking lens is clouded with judgement but I just couldn’t bring myself to reconcile with this image. Starting off, there’s much to be said about this book which will gradually unfold.

In Ahmad attended a discussion meeting organized by Geo TV regarding new ways of being creative in television. But, again, the question we all have to ask ourselves is that is it not what we all want in a novel. Archived from the original on But despite all this. Sections of this page. Romanticising male chauvinistic behavior 5.

Here’s SajalAly straight from the set Umera Ahmed Official February 18 at Jun 23, Sami rated it it was amazing.

Aug 01, Areej Ilyas rated it it was amazing. And its mean salar dead in ? This book is not yet featured on Listopia. February 15 at 3: Get Yourself a Onpine.

Umera Ahmed Official February 13 at 3: The journey of two years hayst coming to a stop, leaving me with mixed feelings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Aab-e-Hayyat by Umera Ahmed – Episode 16

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Like Liked by 1 person. First of all two protagonists i,e Salaar and Umama were not as same as portrayed in peer e kamil. It all revolved around the 2nd plot. Aug 14, Sana Munir rated it liked it.

Aab E Hayat by Umera Ahmed Episode 6

Peer-e-kamil is still my favorite. The characters in the story are just as much humans as we are and so is the author so a umeea margin should be given to everyone.

Ahsan Ali In electronic format. Magar hath ap khud utha’ain!! So much charm is lost in the transition, but I want to know why writer wrote AH. This made characters very bland with burst of awesomeness here and there.

I loved how Umera was willing to talk about the horrors and the dark side of our society, it was a bold step using almost the exact harsh and curse words, to tell the truth.

Sep 07, Ifrah rated it liked it.

Aab-e-Hayyat by Umera Ahmed – Episode 1

I particularly fell in love with each and everyone of their kids and how each character complimented the other so well. View all 11 comments. But it was compensated very well by the end of the book. The cards comprised as follows and the characters’ lives were divided in the sequence followed by the cards Alif: However, the book is very different to Peere kamil.


This is got to be a joke. Umera Ahmed Official February 17 at They both appeared to know it but readers don’t. It has its issues but the novel is well-rounded and resourceful. Jul 03, Daisy Dane rated it it was ok.

Especially when I thought how great this episode was going. Free home delivery across Pakistan Umer inbox us your details Humain was my favourite character among all the characters introduced in the sequel. She is much inspired by the life of civil service and her many writings have civil servants as protagonists.

Maybe I’m an over-zealous fan of the Imama-Salar enterprise who isn’tI understand that with the storyline it really was hard to accommodate, it was done with grace but I think the gap between the two books could’ve been better bridged, another incident of the success of a franchise going to people’s heads maybe on both sides.