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Asif Raza Mir Babar Javed. Its highest rating is Shehnawas comes and takes her back. Next day Natasha comes there angrily and takes Aaliyan with her. Qudsiya gets depressed and breaks down in front of Aaliyan. So he stays there. She gives her address and asks her to give it to Aaliyan.

Shamsa then visits Aaliyan’s Dadi. So he stays there. She goes to Qudsiya’s house to talk about it but as her Dad’s health was becoming weaker she couldn’t. Views Read Edit View history. Later Aaliyan’s dad goes and insults Qudsia to which she answers sincerely. Next day Natasha comes there angrily and takes Aaliyan with her.

Aaliyan says Liha that he needs him. Geo TV series Pakistani television series debuts Pakistani drama television series s Pakistani television series Pakistani television series endings Urdu-language television programs. Soon Shamsa passes away. She says to give her a divorce. Views Read Edit View history.

But his car gets damaged. Later he tells Qudsiya that he has to leave. He asks that he’ll give her a divorce but her Dadi warns him not to do so. Qudsiya’s family were not able to pay the dowry. Aaliyan who comes actually to his employee’s marriage ends up marrying Qudsiya. She again says to give her a divorce. He decides to go back at Qudsiya’s place.

Soon his dad arrives and insults Qudsia. Dadi tells him how good Qudsiya is and how this will affect her and her family though it is not even her mistake. But Aaliyan does not listen.


Aasmanon Pay Likha – Episode 1

Qudsia gets happy for her. He holds her hand, holds her closer, and says that she is his wife. Later Shahnewas informs Qudsia about her death which results in Qudsia crying. When he reaches home Natasha shouts and says that she can’t live with him anymore. He says that “Pehle tum divorce nahi chahti thi aur ab mai He asks his dad about his mom and then gets to know that his mom wasn’t a bad woman.

He apologizes to her. The series was also aired in India on Rishtey. She goes to America. Shamsa then visits Aaliyan’s Dadi.

They then get into the house where Aaliyan keeps shouting at his mom n she cries a lot. Aasmanon Pay Likha Title screen. Her father eventually has a heart attack after getting insulted. She goes down and Natasha arrives there and ends up by slapping.

She takes care of her unaware of the fact that she is Aaliyan’s real mom. When Aaliyan returns to her he keeps talking to her and realizes that she epispde died. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: Natasha keeps thinking that Aaliyan is cheating on her.

Aaliyan’s family burst on him for marrying such a girl without even informing them. Later Aaliyan comes to Qudsia and tells Shehnawas about him and Qudsia.


Dadi gives it to Aaliyan and asks him to meet her. Qudsia keeps calling Aaliyan bt he couldn’t answer as he was sleeping. While she is about to go Aaliyan holds her hand and asks her not to go. Later Shamsa’s health conditions go worse as she aasmanoo cancer at last stage. There Aaliyan calls on Shamsa’s phone for which he was sure spisode Qudsia would pick and she did.

Aasmanon Pe Likha-Episode 24 (Last Episode) – video dailymotion

Unfortunately, her in-laws demand a hefty sum of dowry. Natasha is epislde on Aaliyan everyday on one or the other matter. Shehnawas comes and takes her back.

Qudsiya asks him to stay as it was raining. He then admits that his car wasn’t damaged. Its cast was also praised.

Aaliyan is close to his Dadi. Shamsa then tells her something where she mentions Aaliyan and a glass falls from Qudsia’s hand as she is in deep shock.