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A bright flash follows as everyone shields themselves. A Togepi from the Togepi paradise uses safeguard to block the attack. May and Ash are shocked. Misty is confused as the vortex surrounds them. Except instead of performing an attack, tiny beams of light strike Togepi and revive it. It motions that it wants to go too, and Misty realizes it is time to say goodbye. Ash and co follow to find a vortex showing Hanzou and the rockets peering in. English themes Opening This Dream.

Ash and the others look quite bewildered by Togetic’s new form. Ash, Misty, May, Max and Brock are surprised! Colonel Hansen tries to break into the Togepi Paradise, and Misty’s Togepi travels back to try and stop him. Team Rocket congratulates him as he tells them to follow him. May realizes she has Torchic and wonders if it’ll work. Togepi emerges forming another barrier. After that, Ash , Misty , and the others disappear, much to Colonel Hansen ‘s dismay.

Misty then yells for it not to forget her and it nods. He holds it up into the air and begins to exclaim that he is now the most powerful person in Mirage Kingdom. Ash and the others look quite bewildered by Togetic’s new form. Misty gets onto the blimp and heads back to Cerulean, with the promise to meat back up again.

In the castle throne room, Hanzou presents Togepi to the king. Jessie is enjoying this and James remarks that revenge is ever so sweet.

Meowth remarks that it looks angry and James says that it takes a lot to anger such a ball of joy. With that Togepi, the princess can now claim the Mirage Kingdom throne. The smoke clears, and Pikachu is battling with the two Ninjask and the Shedinja. May and Ash are shocked.


Suddenly, the Togepi in the forest begin to glow and the togeoi grows.

Pokemon 07×05 A Togepi Mirage!

It says that Togepi is full of energy that makes people happy, but when it comes in contact with a human with an impure heart, this energy quickly disappears, leaving Togepi exhausted! Hanzou and Team Rocket look around but see no Ash and co. The maid then suggests that they head there and see.

He still refuses to give up and exclaims that he is the king and nothing will take that away from him. Misty heads back to the gym.

Pokemon 07×05 A Togepi Mirage! – video dailymotion

Hanzou is now deranged with shock as Ash and co happily watch. They then return to the group and explain what they saw. The only problem is the fact that the forest isn’t from a fairy tale; but from a nightmare.

At this time, the barrier grows surrounding the whole area in a white light.

May sends out Torchic and it uses ember, making one of the Ninjask faint, bt the other Ninjask uses shadow ball, making Torchic faint. Team Rocket wonders what happened as Hanzou looks up epjsode see the castle disappear.

It looks back one more time as Ash says goodbye. Hanson orders Shedinja to use solar beam. Hanson tells Team Rocket to follow them to the temple. Epsiode hits the mirage door, trying to get out. The castle still appears to have the illusion of an upside-down castle above it.

Togetic nods and begins to cry as well. At the end of the episode, Ash and his friends wave goodbye to Misty as she leaves for Cerulean City.


A Togepi Mirage

She tells it that no matter where they are, they will always be friends, and nothing can change that. The door shines bright as the beams strike and he casts an evil grin. Misty is confused as the vortex surrounds them. Misty and everyone else are transported back to the Mirage Kingdom. The princess is, of course, happy, because not only does she get a Togepi, but also she is also eligible to become the new ruler.

He smashes against it and is blown back as Misty and the others help him. The king doesn’t seem to care for this, and remarks that he will not accept Togepi from an unwilling trainer. She begins to go on and on about how great he is as the townspeople stare awkwardly. Click Continue to visit PokemonCenter. May recalls it and Pikachu thunderbolts both of the Ninjasks.

Above the shrine, the upside-down castle appears again. They find themselves in a mysterious world. The TV shows Togepi who looks weak.

Hanson refuses them and tells his Shedinja to use solar beam and Ninjask to use hyper beam, but just then, Team Rocket go blasting off again, out of the palace wall!