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Jenny fails an audition for the school play of Romeo and Juliet , due to her being a robot. I also find it horribly depressing that Sheldon was the one who had to do this. However, they soon turn out to be Vexus and Krackus’ newest plan to conquer the world. However, when confronted, the aliens promise to leave her alone after one last ceremony. Jenny unwittingly dishonors a Japanese vacuum robot while on a mission to Tokyo, and she must restore the robot’s honor. An evil mutant fly that can eat metal attacks people in the restaurant while the date takes place, while Silver Shell tries to sabotage the date by ruining Don’s beautiful shoes. The ex-Cluster Queen is looking to drain Jenny of her energy, but she and her henchbots can’t agree on what to use the power for.

The scene with Travis’ father in the factory is based on the Charlie Chaplin motion picture, “Modern Times”. Wakeman fears that Jenny will spook the townspeople with her presence. They never even came back on holidays to spend time with him? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! BiblioNyan A small cat-obsessed corner that offers bookish, otaku, and Asian cinema content!! Each sister has her own personality, however, and they do not all have the same level of friendliness that Jenny has.

It’s up to Jenny and her mother to find out why. Ripe Mangoes A Blog about Manga. The Manga Eater Boredom?

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Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Ror. Wakeman due to a mishap at school involving a mlatr and a trashcan. This Christmas special is almost bookended by Christmas special with typical action plot taking up the middle. Retrieved March 16, When she returns to normal, she discovers that the entire town has turned against her, and nobody believes her pleas of innocence, except for the one person that worships her like a goddess – Sheldon.


Written by Michael Howe. As a robot, Jenny wants to experience what it is like to dream.

She wakes up a year later in what seems like a post-apocalyptic universe where she appears to be enemy number one. Hell, the first scene we see her in after the time skip is her trying to design an XJ cor a replacement for Jenny.

A Robot for All Seasons

The Space Bikers have managed to rebuild Jenny into a alp, and now she and Tuck are en route to mlaagr hideout to demand them to change her back! When she comes to, she finds that the entire town of Tremorton are up in arms, and intend to destroy her except Sheldon, of course. Having been found to have only been activated for five years, the school system declares that Jenny has to be moved into a grade level that correspondes her “age”.

Meanwhile, Tuck attempts to conquer his fear of Ferris wheels. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jenny is convinced that Dr.

AVAHS – My Life as a Teenage Robot: A Robot for All Seasons

A blog to celebrate anime. Edit Details Release Date: Cartoon Holly Jolly Hoedown. Season 2 Episode 1. The main weakness of this episode is rohot the Christmas parts.


The plan backfires, however, when Jenny starts falling for Silver Shell. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Wakeman’s inventions while adding distinctive twistsseems to be the perfect match for her at first; however, Kenny soon starts to display oddly dog-like characteristics.

Oddball Content A humorous look at television and film. However, it soon becomes apparent that the “puberty” is actually the doing of Queen Vexus of the Cluster, who has infected Jenny with a virus to warp her into a loyal, Cluster-controlled monster.

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When Jenny finds and reactivates her mlaar XJ prototypes 1 through 8—she is beyond happy. Wakeman is proud of her newest enhancement for Jenny: Jenny, Brad, and Tuck can’t seem to agree over the rules of a board game. Audible Download Audio Books. Tired of being stuck under Jenny’s shadow, Brad sets out to be his own hero. Jenny seems more than excited to join, but finds herself ignoring her other friends in favor of a group of heroes that are mostly prejudiced against “normal people”.

However, when confronted, the aliens promise to leave her alone after one last ceremony.