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In alone, there were 16 documented protests around St. We also know our limits. Opportunity to lead a city towards healing. The link also includes 2 videos, the first one is a Speak Love video with Zaira. A phone bank of over 25 area pastors are here to answer questions, offer resources, and pray for listeners in need. When JOY FM learned that there was a group of inner city pastors meeting together on a regular basis to pray and address some of the practical needs of our city, we reached out to them to see how we could best assist. Those in search of Christian counseling, financial assistance, pregnancy resources, addiction and more begin to find help and hope here. To inspire the lives of listeners in North Texas.

Please enter a number from 0 to Her teachers nominated her and with the help of a local client, we were able to bless her with a car and a monetary gift so she could keep going to school and become a police officer. Aaron and several minority employees of JOY FM joined the Morning Show for a unique on-air conversation about racism and how to work together as a community. JOY-FM aims to excel at both the radio side, and the digital side. Brandon Dunagan served our nation in the army for many years. This has proven to be highly successful as donors love having the ability to grab their seats before anyone else to the biggest concerts of the year! Every single person was connected with the prayer and resources they needed. Christians and the curious often face two choices on the radio:

Our participation in the Jacobs Media Tech. All these areas give us another touch point to reach a listener away from the radio or be exposed to a person that may not have ever tried us out before. We learned how it impacts what we do on-air and how we interact with our market.

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Along with Buckner, the radio station decided to divert the already-collected shoes, as soda as the remainder of the drive, to hurricane evacuees.


They needed the most basic items — hygiene products, clothing and shoes, which had been ruined by water damage. Once you have reviewed the information, you will then score each station using the forms located at the bottom of each tabbed page.

Beyond listening to the station, app users can engage with us in tons of new ways — they can set an alarm to wake up to the station, get alerts when their favorite songs are about to play, and even text us in the studio, right from the app our most popular feature by far. Cumulatively during the date range required for this submission, various Mix Spot shows have been played from serie sources more thantimes.

Email marketing is also a staple of our listener outreach. We used to chase engagement numbers alone. BOOST pops up at random places to deliver drinks, snacks, giveaways and more where people least expect it. These will be passed on after the awards are announced, however, the person commenting will not be identified. The app offers two different streaming experiences — one all-music stream, and one all-teaching stream.

Stations may also include online listenership data. Recent years have been tough on our home city. So when Hurricane Harvey tore through Southeast Texas, we were ready.

Listeners end up talking to each other. We closely watch the trends, our own analytics, what the Jacobs Media Tech surveys tell us about the national landscape, plus what Jacobs says about our own audience.

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Realizing that our digital footprint is an important extension of our brand, Clearly, JOY is contagious. BOOST is there, and active. Even minivan commercials tap into these movements.

In order to shorten the time it takes to become familiar with our playlist, almost every song BOOST So, if you miss it on-air or running late for work — no worries! Born out of this dark night: Please verify as you are filling out the scores that you jly scoring the correct station. Is the station truly engaging their listenership digitally?


Their answer was insightful and simple: The end of the march was just the beginning. Meals for a Million: These Mix Spots are archived through Mixcloud. After his brave fight with cancer ended, he left behind a wife and two young kids.

Our prayer engine is one of the most popular and engaging features of the website — visitors can submit a prayer request or a word of praise, sof other users can pray for them and celebrate with them in their praise.

Our website remains the hub for folks to learn more about the station and discover more information about topics discussed on-air.

Facebook is a space for our on-air personalities to engage with listeners in a lighthearted but intimate way. Listeners can sign up to have a recorded version of this feature emailed to them daily. Meanwhile, there are some things no medium other than radio can do well.

BOOST was on-site to DJ live at the final day of camp as parents shared lunch and the camp experience with their kids. soofa

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Forbes magazine ranked St. Brandon Dunagan served our nation in the army for many years. With the addition of a Digital Content Director to our team in September, our digital presence has become more focused and streamlined. Kathleen is a 76 year old talented artist and active member at her church. We have used social media, YouTube, our email database and website and more recently podcasts to help further the mission of KLTY outside of a normal terrestrial signal. Those in search of Christian concwrt, financial assistance, pregnancy resources, addiction and more begin to find help and hope here.